How often should you clean your sofa?

Sofa gives a stylish, comfortable touch to your living room. Unfortunately, the sofa fibers easily hide dirt, food particles, pet hair or pollutants from our vision. It should be cleaned and maintained regularly to retain its new, pristine appearance for years. You would also want to keep your sofa hygiene and free of dust. For a better return on investment on the couch, you should keep the sofa and upholstery clean.

If you are pondering about carpet and sofa cleaning tips and the time gap between each cleaning, then this article will show you all the details related to it. To keep your couch looking at its best, the professional sofa cleaning service in Bhubaneswar recommends to deep cleaning the sofa, carpet, and upholstery in every 12 to 18 months. But remember, this recommendation is a general guideline only and can vary according to the fabric, atmosphere, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Here we are discussing some questions which may help you determine the exact cleaning duration for your sofa.

How often you vacuum your sofa?

Vacuum cleaning at least once a week keeps the couch clean for a longer period. Vacuuming removes the small particles on the surface of the sofa which eventually settle deeper and start scraping the fibers. Regular vacuum cleaning allows you to call the professional deep cleaning a little late. But, taking help of professional sofa cleaner to extract the deep dust and dirt from the sofa will keep the smooth texture of its fabric.

What is the color of your sofa?

If your sofa color is a bright color, then it may enhance the beauty of your home, but it is infamous for revealing dirt and dust. Also, maintain its appearance will always require a professional sofa cleaning service on a frequent basis. But, if you look at its positive aspect, then the lighter color couch helps you to detect the dirt and stains easily than the darker counterpart.

Do you have a carpet warranty?

If yes, then check it immediately as most sofa manufactures provide free professional steam cleaning once a year. And, if you don’t have any warranty, then decide whether to take professional deep sofa cleaning service or not.

Do you allow pets on the sofa?

If you share your couch with your pets, then regular cleaning is very important.  Because pets usually make a mess wherever they eat, play or sleep. Pets can urinate, faeces and vomit on your couch. These things not only lead to stains and dirt but also they produce a very unpleasant smell. So, frequent carpet cleaning is very obvious in this situation to neutralize the biological stains and odours produced by pets.

Do you have kids at your home?

Kids usually love to play with smears, spills and spatters. They make the whole couch full of mess and stains with muddy footprints, food items, fruit juice, wrappers and so on. The parents can hardly think about the cleaning of the carpets and couch. Young children and their friends also love to spend a lot of time on the sofa. So, it is very crucial to retain the sofa fresh and clean by hiring a trustworthy professional sofa cleaning service in Bhubaneswar. These professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions which removes the dust and dirt while keeping the sofa fabric soft and fresh.

Pocket-friendly sofa cleaning professionals are readily available at your doorstep in Bhubaneswar. But the cleaning work varies according to the fabric of the sofa and the indoor atmosphere of the home. So, there is no specific length of time for professional sofa cleanings. You need to keep the records of professional cleanings. Otherwise, use your judgemental skill to determine the time limit for a reliable sofa cleaning in Bhubaneswar. However bear in mind, when your sofa starts to look soiled, it is the right time to have it cleaned.

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