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Fridge repair ottawa

Welcome Ottawa residents! Are you having trouble with your refrigerator? You’re not alone; many local Ottawa households have experienced similar issues with their appliance. From malfunctioning lights to humming or clicking noises coming from the fridge, our Ottawa refrigerator repair technicians have seen it all. Let’s break down some of the most common fridge repairs that our refrigerator technicians fix on a daily basis.  Read on for guidance about the skilled workmanship of our local Ottawa appliance repair technicians.

Fridge has a burning smell?

When our team of refrigerator repair technicians deal with bottom freezers, side-by-side, or top freezer refrigerators, they all have a heating element in the freezer that heats up to melt all the frost when it’s time for the defrost cycle. If there was some spillage in the refrigerator or some food found its way behind the cover, the element will heat it which can create odorous. Plus, sometimes a fridge repair technician can see rushed manufacturing and parts of insulation can melt on the heating element creating that burning smell.

In most cases, a refrigerator repair technician can just steam clean the area and when necessary, the heating element is replace.

For all your appliance repair expertise, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is here to provide fridge repair solutions!

Fridge Ice Build Up

Particularly, Samsung refrigerators are known for their fancy options, bells, and whistles, but as soon as we see over-complication or reinvention of something old and reliable we going to see many failures. The most common issues our refrigerator repair technicians see are if the fridge portion stops cooling, often the defrost thermostat and sensor fail and prevent the refrigerator to do proper defrosting. Therefore, ice builds up to the point that the evaporator fan would start making a noise when the fridge doors are closed. When the noise disappears usually it means the evaporator fan has failed or it’s completely covered with ice. In this situation, a local refrigerator repair technician will clean the evaporator fan, but sometimes the fan must be replaced. Our Samsung fridge repair experts only use original OEM parts for all repairs.

Ice Maker Repair

In Samsung fridges, we often see the ice maker failing, the reason behind this is every refrigerator that has an ice maker machine in the door or fridge compartment needs a perfect seal around it to prevent temperature fluctuations. Plus, almost every Samsung fridge with an ice maker that could be dispense from the door will develop an ice maker problem. Luckily Samsung provides a repair kit that will include a new ice maker, revised drain clips, a drain tube heater, and a main control board with an adjusted ice maker defrost cycle.

Fridge Leaking Water Under the Crisper Drawer

Another common issue is water under the crisper drawer. And this goes for any refrigerator. When there’s water in the fridge, 9/10 times is clogged defrost drain. When the fridge performs self-defrost, water is suppose to drain to the defrost pan behind the refrigerator, the compressor generates heat as it works, and the condenser fan will blow hot air and help evaporate the defrost water. The drip cover on the defrost hose gets clogged with time and prevents water from draining. Water starts building up in the tube up to the defrost pan, then it freezes because of its proximity to the evaporator coils. Water from future defrost cycles have nowhere to go besides inside your refrigerator. Issue best solved by installing a part called drain clip, the part that is install on the heating element and extends to the drain hole, when fridge defrosting this clip gets hot and helps to prevent ice build-up inside.

Fridge Leaking Water Under the Freezer

Particularly in Sub Zero refrigerator repairs, we often see drain problem and water leaking in the freezer. With years of service the special drain tube gets clogg with debris from the freezer and needs to be replace. The whole built in fridge needs to come out to perform the repair, but fixing a broken built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator is much cheaper than buying a whole new refrigerator. It’s particularly difficult to find fridge models and sizes that correctly fit custom designed kitchens. If your fridge is leaking water, a local appliance repair technician can help diagnose and fix the issue.

Fridge Repair Ottawa

All in all, fridge problems are something no one wants to deal with. Making sure your refrigerator is repaired properly and efficiently is essential for keeping your food fresh and healthy.

Local Ottawa refrigerator technicians can help you with any make or model of refrigerator, Moreover if you find yourself experiencing any of the common issues mentioned within this blog post like a fridge leaking water under the freezer or crisper drawer, furthermore or needing an ice maker repair. So next time your container of milk expires immediately, don’t fret!

Contact a local Ottawa technician now at Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa and they’ll have you back to storing that frozen pizza in no time. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call now for fridge repair!

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