Best Help Desk For Startups in 2023

Help desk software

In the early days of computing, customer service and technical support teams communicated with customers and resolved their issues using essential tools like email and the phone. Today, help desk software has advanced significantly from those early days.

Help desk software was created as technology advanced, and the demand for better, more effective customer assistance increased. The small business ticketing system was one of the critical innovations in the history of help desk software which enabled customer support teams to track and manage client inquiries and issues more streamlined and effective. 

Teams could prioritize tasks and react to customer requests more quickly and proficiently. Overall, the need for more effective and efficient customer assistance, ongoing technological advancements, and the increasing value of the customer experience have all influenced the evolution of help desk software. 


A popular help desk software program for small companies is Freshdesk. Its reliable software is loaded with essential and cutting-edge features for your customer support service at a reasonable, scaleable cost. 

Its main helpdesk features include a multichannel helpdesk, automation, customization, ticketing, self-service, reporting, and analytics. The device is user-friendly and intuitive. Because of this, using the solution will require little time for you and your help desk staff to learn how to use the platform. 

Because they can be scaled to meet changing business needs, their plans are excellent for small companies. Freshdesk offers a sandbox that creates a testing environment so administrators can safely test new app settings and features without impacting customers or agents. 


In order to improve the caliber of your customer service, Zendesk is a leading help desk solution with several products that operate together. Due to its user-friendly interface and responsive design, you can implement the system in your workflows. Phone, Text, social media, email, and live chat are all supported. 

Additionally, it enables efficient teamwork, which boosts your employees’ productivity and problem-solving skills. The knowledge base, customer portal, help center, and online community are just a few examples of the resources accessible to users for self-service. 

You can select from various free and reasonably priced premium plans for services like a knowledge base, contact center, and live chat.


The help desk and IT support management solution SysAid includes asset management, automation, and business intelligence. Help desk software for small businesses provides all the fundamental tools and help to handle your IT support, including ticket management, a chat system, industry benchmarking, IT asset management, and more.

Additionally, it has a self-service portal where end users can independently file tickets, view IT announcements, request services, and consult the knowledge base. Sysaid’s automation function is another noteworthy aspect. Automating manual and repetitive tasks lessens the burden of your service desk employees and frees them up to work on more beneficial projects.

Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk provides choices for administrators, agents, and clients, and it is a context-aware help desk application. Customers receive a prompt answer through a convenient channel. Agents are well-equipped to boost efficiency and deliver superior customer service. 

For making data-driven decisions, managers acquire information. Additionally, it automates unnecessary tasks so that your team can concentrate on tasks of high importance. It efficiently crunches performance data to assist you in finding patterns and trends in your group. You can create strategic upgrades as a result of improved efficiency.

InvGate Service Desk:

The ITSM, help desk, and ticketing software InvGate Service Desk allow IT teams to provide exceptional customer support. With InvGate Service Desk, organizations can benefit from streamlined IT support, total service desk visibility, and the ability to help agents to concentrate on essential tickets. 

A dashboard that is simple to comprehend allows teams to see a complete picture of their operational performance. Its ticket management system enables users to implement various service levels to prioritize service requests better. It has a visual workflow engine that allows users to drag and drop elements into place to build a workflow. 

It also has a workflow editor that maps your goal processes for workflow automation. Quote-based plans are available for InvGate Service Desk’s goods. The vendor will provide interested clients with a quote in order for them to receive a customized strategy.


Unashamedly “ITIL aligned,” HaloITSM seeks to assist businesses in implementing IT help desks that adhere to the ITIL body of recommended practices. Because most of the other entries in this roundup are better adapted to customer support help desks, it is more closely aligned with Vivantio Pro than many others. 

This may be the answer if you have a lot of tickets coming into your IT help desk. It will only meet some of your requirements if you also require a help desk that interacts with customers. 

Summing it up:

For businesses that want to offer their customers high-quality assistance, help desk software is a crucial resource. Help Desk Software can aid companies in enhancing customer happiness, lowering support costs, and streamlining their operations by automating support operations, managing tickets and SLAs, and giving customers the option of self-service. 

Businesses can select a Help Desk Software solution that meets their specific requirements and enables them to offer top-notch customer assistance by adhering to these best practices. 

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