Six Amazing Ways to Boost your Bakery Business with Custom Cupcake Boxes

cupcake boxes with die cut window

Everyone loves to eat muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts and pastries, from kids to adults. They are yummy, creamy and sweet. And are an integral part of celebrations. Hence welcome parties, birthdays and weddings are incomplete without it.

And you can make them super special with luxury packaging. You can decorate the custom cupcake or muffin boxes with beautiful decorations. Various options include hemp rope, fancy lace, ribbon knots, stickers, cards, etc.

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Custom cupcake boxes with inserts

Cupcakes are sweet and fluffy and have icing on the top. They are super yummy and are available in different flavors, colours and sizes. And you can pack multiflavored cupcakes in a single box to surprise your loved ones.

But mostly, there are high chances of smudging or melting of the frosting. Moreover, if the box isn’t spacious enough or organized, the cupcakes bump into each other. As a result, the box and the cupcakes get messy.

Hence custom inserts are a must-have. The kraft and cardboard inserts section the custom cupcake boxes, creating ample storage space. Thus you can place the Nutella, lemon, and strawberry cupcakes without messing up the frosting.

And for a more artistic look, you can print mouthwatering images or interesting slogans. Overall the inserts make the packaging attractive and functional.

Custom muffin boxes with windows

Do you know what the difference is between cupcakes and muffins? Well, the key difference is that the cupcakes always have icing on the top and are sweet and fluffy. On the other hand, the muffins have no frosting and are slightly savory. But sweet lovers are fond of both of them.

Hence cupcakes and muffins are always in demand. However, you can boost your sales with custom muffin boxes with windows. And it is clear from the name that a PVC sheet is attached at the top.

The transparent window gives the customers an idea about the muffin’s flavor, color, and quantity. Thus it acts as a silent salesperson. In other words, we can say that the packaging speaks for itself.

As a result, the boxes with windows or die-cuts tempt the customers to buy!

Gable boxes

It is admitted that hut-shaped boxes are quite popular in the food industry. It is used for happy meals, party favors, and bakery items. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to pack your cupcakes and muffins in the gable boxes.

It has a unique design with a cardboard or kraft handle at the top. Moreover, you can even attach a PVC sheet. As a result, it makes the custom-printed cupcake packaging eye-catching.

The purpose of the handle is to make the food boxes more practical. It offers convenience to the customers and prevents the boxes from tearing apart. Hence you can pack as many edibles as you want without fearing damage.

Lastly, you can customize the handles in any stock, size, design, or colour.

Use of durable and eco-friendly material

Are you looking for sturdy and unique wholesale muffin boxes? In that case, cardboard and kraft material is the best option. It is strong, sturdy and long-lasting. And you can customize it to your needs.

Moreover, the kraft and cardboard muffin boxes are environmentally compatible. They are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Thus it causes no potential harm to the planet.

Lastly, you can order the two-piece, tray and sleeve, boxes with windows and gable boxes in kraft or cardboard. Further, you can order them in any size, style, and design.

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