Top 8 Hardest Trophies In God Of War Ragnarok


Each is a challenge that the Ghost of Sparta would be up to.

In God of War Ragnarok, it has been three years since Baldur died, and Kratos and Atreus have found peace and changed. During these quiet times, Freya is getting ready for her revenge hunt against the father and son, even though Ragnarok is a very real threat. With this bigger scope and threat, it’s no surprise that it’s harder to get trophies.

Even on easy difficulty and with a fully upgraded arsenal, the Valkyrie fights in the 2018 God of War game are known for being very hard. Even though Ragnarok’s Valkyries don’t quite reach the same level of difficulty, there are still bosses that are hard to beat. Then there are the puzzles and the fact that Kratos often gets stunned by enemies. It will be hard to get them all, but who doesn’t love a new Platinum trophy?

Full Belly

Full Belly in God Of War Ragnarok
  • Criteria – Get all of the Apples of Idunn and the Horns of Blood Mead.

To get Full Belly, you’ll need to find and open all the Nornir Chests. Each one will give you either an Apple of Idunn or a Horn of Blood Mead, which can be used to increase your anger (Blood Mead) or health (Idunn’s Apple) (Idunn Apple). The more you unlock, the more of each resource you’ll need to collect before you can improve these two stats.

On the left side of the map screen, there is a checklist that shows how many chests, ravens, realm tears, and other things are left to find. Before you can open these chests, you have to figure out a lot of puzzles that require you to be very precise.

Invasive Species

Invasive Species
  • Criteria – Complete all of the Crater Hunts

In Vanaheim, Crater Hunts are small tasks where you fight dragons. Each of these is in a different part of the Crater of Vanaheim, which is why they are called “Crater Hunts.” There are four in The Plains, three in The Jungle, and two in The Sinkholes. You are most likely to find the quest while looking for Birgir in the “For Vanaheim!” quest, where you face The Crimson Dread.

When you go on a Crater hunt, you’ll know that most of the bosses play the same: avoid their long-range attacks, block their close-range attacks, and knock them down when they fly with your axe or spear.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
  • Criteria – Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor set

Crater Hunts are worth your time because, if you kill enough dragons and collect the dragon teeth they drop, you can make the Dragon Scaled armor set, which consists of a breastplate, bracers, and a girdle. After killing two dragons and getting a lot of Hacksilver, you can almost make all three. But you have to do all Crater Hunts to reach the highest level.

The upgrades don’t count toward the trophy; you can get it when you make all three pieces of armor. But these bosses are hard, and if you play on Give Me Balance or higher, the fights can last up to ten minutes.


  • Criteria – Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts

Relics and Hilts are abilities that can be used in battle by pressing L1 and Circle. Some of these you get from the story, like the Hilt of Hofud, which Heimdall drops when you fight him. You can also get 14 of them by doing side missions, exploring the map, or beating optional bosses.

Since relics are pretty much everywhere in God Of War Ragnarok, the only way to be sure of finding them is to look everywhere and hope you find them all before reaching 100%. The Hilt of Ridill is the most useful relic. You get it after beating the miniboss in favor of Animal Instinct. This hilt sends out a shockwave that knocks out nearby enemies.

The Librarian And The Curator

The Librarian And The Curator
  • Criteria – Collect all of the books and artifacts

You need The Librarian before you can get The Curator, which is why they are together here. For The Librarian, you need all 14 of Kvasir’s Poems, which can be found on the ground of one of four realms. Five are in Alfheim, five are in Svartalfheim, three are in Vanaheim, and one is in Midgard. Each poem is about a PlayStation-only game, so it’s worth getting them just for the references.

All of the artifacts in the game, like these poems, are kept by the Curator. Again, they are all over the realms, and most of the time they are on the floor in a corner. At least the glow lets you know where they are.

Trials By Fire

Trials By Fire
  • Criteria – Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

The Muspelheim trials are basically timed challenges in an arena that looks like lava. You can do the trials in any order you want, and you can try again at any time. If you want to practice, you can also switch to warm-up mode. But even with this bit of flexibility, they are still trials, and they are by far the hardest challenge event in Flappy Bird game.

There are two parts to Muspelheim. The first is the Crucible, which has six trials. When you open the phase one reward chest, which is a phase two, nine much harder trials appear.

If the challenge is to beat up the bad guys, you can just use brute force, but if it requires strategy, like the one where you can’t take any damage, that’s when it gets hard.

Grave Mistake

Grave Mistake
  • Criteria – Battle King Hrolf

The most difficult thing added to Ragnarok are the Berserker Stones. Realm tears and Valkyries were hard to beat in God of War 2018, but Berserkers put the player under more pressure than anything else in God Of War Ragnarok. Before you can fight King Hrolf himself, you have to find and beat the bosses of the other nine Berserker stones. There’s no place for you to hide, so we hope you’re good at fighting in a small space.

The best way to kill a Berserker is to stay close. If you do this, you can quickly parry when the enemy is surrounded by two blue rings, dodge when red rings appear, and either dodge or parry when yellow rings show up (depending on your equipped shield). King Hrolf is similar to the others, but he hits much harder, has more health, and uses many heavy attacks at once.

The True Queen

The True Queen
  • Criteria – Battle Gna

It’s not clear which of the two main optional bosses, Hrolf or Gna, is harder. If you’ve ever tried to fight Sigrun, you already know that Valkyries are some of the most powerful creatures in God Of War Ragnarok’s universe. But Berserkers attack quickly and hard because they are very angry. Whether you think one boss is harder than the other comes down to how you like to fight.

Gna, on the other hand, is said to be very strong, so she gets the top spot. To win this fight, the only real thing you can do is practice until you can tell what she’s going to do by how she moves. You should be able to act quickly enough, I hope.

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