That Which Flows By Manhwa: A Journey into Fate and Morality

That Which Flows By


Manga and manhwa have gained immense popularity for their unique characters, compelling narratives, and diverse themes. Among the trending manhwas, “That Which Flows By,” authored by Eunbi Lee, stands out with its captivating storyline and artistically crafted graphic styles.

Overview of “That Which Flows By”

Eunbi Lee’s creation, also known as “Dabi, flowing dizzyingly,” made its debut on “Naver Webtoon,” with Soft Cone overseeing the project. The manhwa’s popularity led to translations, and currently, 27 out of the 40 episodes are available in English.

Global Popularity and Translations

The genre fusion of historical, dramatic, romantic, and fantasy elements makes it challenging to classify into a single category. Every Friday, new episodes are released on Webtoon, followed by other online manga readers.

Main Characters

The narrative revolves around Yuri, a high school student with the unique ability to perceive people’s lines of flow and shape their destinies. The story also features Takahiro, Dani, Gyeol Seo, and Seon Lee, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the plot.

Lines of Flow and Moral Dilemmas

The Lines of Flow play a crucial role in expressing one’s fate, with Yuri being the sole observer and manipulator. The story delves into moral dilemmas as Yuri grapples with the ethical implications of altering destinies, leading to unexpected consequences.

Websites Hosting “That Which Flows By”

Various platforms host the manhwa, including Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123, offering readers different options for enjoying the series.

Why Read “That Which Flows By”

The manhwa’s complex story, excellent artwork, and charming characters make it a compelling read. Regardless of your familiarity with the genre, “That Which Flows By” promises a fantastical and thrilling journey.

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In conclusion, “That Which Flows By” offers readers a unique blend of genres, moral dilemmas, and engaging characters. Dive into its pages for an immersive experience that transcends traditional storytelling boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes manhwa from Manga?

Manhwa refers to Korean comics, while Manga is Japanese. Both have distinctive plots, characters, and cultural influences.

Who is the central character in “That Which Flows By”?

Yuri, a high school student with the ability to perceive and manipulate people’s lines of flow.

What is the central theme of the manhwa?

Moral choices and the ethical dilemmas of altering one’s fate are central themes in “That Which Flows By.”

When can we expect Season 2 of “That Which Flows By”?

While the exact release date is not announced, indications suggest a broadcast between April and June of 2024.

What elements make fans love “That Which Flows By”?

The series’ appeal lies in its intriguing plot, interesting characters, emotional tone, action, tension, and exquisite artwork.


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