In addition to being classy and traditional, handloom sarees are also crafted with a lot of care and compassion. The handloom sarees from Swarajshop are created by Indian weavers who care deeply about the project. We offer a large selection of linen sarees, many of which are handcrafted by Indian weavers who are making an effort to preserve the heritage of wearing sarees. Swarajshop is actively seeking for possibilities to promote Indian culture and inspire Indian weavers to engage on these kinds of projects. Our speciality is handloom sarees, and we take great delight in giving you the greatest handloom saree. Let’s now examine our finest handloom sarees for you to wear to the upcoming event.

Embroidery through hand on a golden tissue linen saree

Let’s start by taking a look at the most gorgeous pattern we currently have in our handloom saree collection, which was lovingly weaved by Indian weavers. The greatest tissue linen saree you can get for a big celebration or wedding is our most recent handwork embroidery version. The golden tissue will have the most tasteful appearance in addition to its unique handwoven quality. To make it appear more refined and sophisticated, we also include a silver lining border. All of the saree’s embroidery was done by hand by Indian weavers. This saree is the finest for any event because it is entirely genuine and traditional.

Embroidery through hand on a golden tissue linen saree

The image alone does the best job of capturing the elegance of this saree. The vivid colour and intricate saree detailing are extremely evident in this photograph. This is the greatest option if you ask someone who is constantly hunting for sarees in vibrant colours but always ends up with a bland one. Despite being handmade, this saree appears to have been manufactured. On the pallu, which has thin linings, the craftsmanship of this saree is clearly visible.

Stunning black linen saree

The ideal for any college festival is our stunning black handwoven linen saree, which is very well-known and frequently out of stock. Choose this black handwoven saree if you wish to appear stylish but also elegant. A magenta pink border surrounds the entire perimeter of the saree’s cloth. Additionally, the tassels tied to the pallu’s end are clearly visible, giving it a more contemporary appearance. The saree also has a fusion feel thanks to the silver borders at the pallu.

Embroidery by hand on a dark navy blue linen saree

No one that we are aware of dislikes the colour royal blue. We have therefore presented to you our most recent assortment of handmade royal blue sarees. The royal blue saree will look more opulent thanks to the golden border that surrounds it all. You will also appear more fashionable and sophisticated thanks to the tassels at the water’s edge. How is embroidery something we can ignore? This saree’s embroidery was specifically created by Indian weavers. In this photo, the embroidery’s details are very visible. Indian weavers put a lot of passion into creating this saree.

Embroidery through hand on a golden tissue linen saree

This most recent Jamdani Buti saree will undoubtedly catch your eye in the end. This orange jamdani saree from our most recent collection is a good choice if you want something simple and not too heavy. Tassels are also included on the border ends of this saree. Additionally, the polka-dot weave will make you appear more fashionable. The saree’s golden border at both ends is likewise quite tasteful. The black base is also exactly what this saree required.

Here is Swarajshop  most recent selection of handwoven saris. With affection from Indian weavers, we hope you like each and every saree and will keep shopping with us for the newest selection!