Step-by-Step Guide for Wearing a Saree with Pleats Perfectly for Newcomers

Step-by-Step Guide for Wearing a Saree with Pleats Perfectly for Newcomers

The art of draping a saree. Have you ever been in awe of a saree and thought, “Wow! She wore the saree so beautifully. If so, you would concur with the previous assertion. Every woman aspires to find the ideal saree and drape it flawlessly, but we don’t always succeed in doing so. But as they say, there is beauty in simplicity. Occasionally, all you need is a decent saree and the fundamental drape.

But I’m still learning. Just for you, this blog. Don’t worry if you’ve never draped a saree before; our detailed instructions are here to make things simpler for you. Follow through and discover the ideal pleat placement for draping a saree.

Prerequisites for draping a saree

First things first, make sure you have everything you need before frantically grabbing your saree and draping it like a 7-year-old. Do not forget that draping a saree is an art.

  1. Obviously, a saree, blouse, and petticoat are required.
  2. A large quantity of safety pins. No, only about 3–4.
  3. Keep your shoes close by. You’ll be glad you did!

That’s everything, let’s now discuss the specifics of “How to drape a saree?”

The exact method for draping a saree with pleats is as follows:

Step 1:Basics in

Put on your petticoat and blouse. The secret is to make sure your petticoat is snug around your waist and worn at a comfortable height. You can choose whether to tie your bridal saree online slightly below or slightly above your navel. However, wearing it above would be advised because you can always bring it down a little easier that way. Take the end of the saree that is not pallu, tuck it under your left petticoat, wrap it around your back, and bring it to the opposite side.

Step 2:Pleats in

Start pleating the saree on your right after pulling it. To create flawless pleats that produce a slender appearance, pleat the saree while holding it between your index finger and thumb. Depending on the saree fabric, make 5-8 pleats and tuck them inside your petticoat in the middle or slightly to the left. Utilise a safety pin to fasten the pleats.

Step 3: Pallu

Your favourite part will be this because you are halfway there and almost ready to travel! After folding and tucking in the pallu, take the remaining saree and drape it around your body to the right. Bring it to your shoulder and pin it there. Make careful you tighten the saree to create a decent silhouette.

Step 4: Pleated or floating pallu

You have two options: either leave the pallu unpleated or do so. You can have a floating pallu if you want one. The pallu’s end can be held in your right hand or left shoulder depending on your preference. If you want your pallu to be pleated, you can do it by making five or so vertical pleats, leaving the border (if any) visible, and pinning it in place on your left shoulder.

The pallu can be pinned, but if you find it impossible to pleat it while it’s pinned, you can take out the pin and pleat it from the end. Try both and stay with the one that feels the simplest to you and produces a neatly pleated pallu.


Quite simple, no? At least initially, it might not be, but with practise, it will be. Because Indian women have worn sarees for many years, all they needed to do to become skilled at saree draping was to do it once, then do it repeatedly. Out of the many various traditional saree draping methods from different Indian states, this is one of the most fundamental and straightforward ways to wear a saree. Start by trying this, and then for other occasions, experiment with the newest traditional and modern saree draping designs.

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