Temple Jewellery Designs: Temple Jewellery Designs for Every South Indian Bride

Temple Jewellery Designs: Temple Jewellery Designs for Every South Indian Bride

Indian traditional dress has long included jewellery as an essential component. Temple jewellery designs are an ancient kind of Indian jewellery art. It was historically applied to enhance the appearance of god and goddess idols. The patterns subsequently merged into both an Indian woman’s bridal and everyday attire after being acclaimed by classical dancers. In South India, a tiny group of artists creates the temple jewellery line. It could even take a few months to develop the expertise necessary to produce an interesting work. A temple jewellery set is regarded as extremely lucky. Wearing it increases our power and cleanses our aura since heavenly forms are present.

Temple Jewellery Styles

No woman can resist wearing temple jewels with their costumes, especially traditional attire, because it is so exquisite. When temple jewellery is elegantly worn with the right clothing, you appear incredibly good and elegant. The jewellery collection in the temple is extremely opulent and impressive. You may add a variety of temple jewellery styles, such as Polki and Kundan jewellery designs, to your collection of wedding jewellery. Today, South Indian brides may choose from a variety of exquisite jewels. Especially on their wedding day, temple jewellery necklaces are particularly popular among South Indian ladies. Every South Indian bride should wear the temple jewellery styles that we shall include in this essay.

South Indian brides frequently don Manga Malai or Mango Mala, which is a type of traditional temple jewellery. One of the most prominent and distinctive aspects of this jewellery is its intricate mango pattern, particularly the necklace. It gives this old temple jewellery set a unique and charming touch. Given that this jewellery is really simple and classy in form and style, you may choose to wear it to weddings and other important occasions. By wearing this lovely Manga Malai necklace on your wedding day, get ready to catch everyone’s attention.

James Billa

Jada Billa is primarily an exquisite piece of floral jewellery from the Temple series. It mostly serves to enhance hair beauty. Jada Billa is a sweet ornament that best accentuates the style of long, thick hair for south Indian brides. If you adore accessorising your gorgeous hair, Jada Billa jewellery is the best option. This temple jewellery is designed to enhance your long, thick hair with flowers, stones, and pearls.

Nethi Chutti

Another essential item of bridal jewellery for any Indian woman is the nethi chutti, commonly referred to as the maang tikka in North India. A basic Nethi Chutti in temple jewellery designs still looks stunning and wonderful on a bride, despite the fact that there are many different patterns for a Nethi Chutti or Maang Tikka. Today, a nethi chutti with just a single necklace attached is still in style. You might select a single-strand style if you’re a bride who values simplicity or wishes to wear your wedding jewellery again.

The Kasulaperu

The traditional South Indian style necklace called as Kasulaperu is made with goddess Lakshmi coins. The majority of the materials used to make this traditional style Temple jewellery necklace are polished kemp stones, precious stones, and diamonds. Brides who want to keep their distinctive and alluring bridal look might go with the Kasulaperu necklace. It is beautiful, refined, and royal in and of itself. Get ready by wearing this stunning Kasulaperu necklace in a double or single layer.

Vanki 👇

Another essential and enticing item of jewellery in Indian culture, particularly at weddings, is the vanki, also known as the bajubandh. Especially in South India, this Vanki is a very significant piece of ancient temple jewellery worn for marriage. With silk sarees and a short-sleeve shirt, it looks stunning. Even if you like puff sleeves, you should use this stunning Vanki jewellery with your bridal jewellery sets online and attire to leave an unforgettable impression on guests at your wedding.

The Vadiyanam

Vadiyanam or Vaddanam are other names for Kamarbandh in traditional South Indian jewellery. Women usually wear a piece of jewellery with a long, exquisite chain that is wrapped around the lady’s waist while she is wearing a saree. This temple jewellery should be worn by all South Indian women. The best part about this jewellery is that it is now widely available and made with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones in a broad range of designs and patterns. Jewellery from the Vadiyanam temple is a terrific choice to enhance the waistline and the bridal gown for those who choose to maintain their bridal appearance basic.


Jhumka or Chaandbali-style earrings are currently very in style. For wedding events, South Indian women might pick a stunning Jhumka to go with their bridal attire. If you want to seem great and appealing on any special event, you must add a pair of captivating Jhumka to your collection of Indian fake jewellery. Presently, jhumkas are made in the shape of enormous, very intricate deity and goddess patterns. Choose a lovely pair of Jhumkas from swarajshop vast selection of fake earrings, but make sure they complement your attire.

A bracelet

South Indian brides might think about wearing one of the most exquisite and beautiful temple jewellery designs to complete their clothes. The most significant item of temple jewellery that goes well with Indian clothing is the bangle, which goes by different names in each of the south Indian states. Bangles can undoubtedly increase the allure of your bridal attire if you choose to wear a traditional Kanjeevaram or Silk saree. But if you want to keep things straightforward, just wear one bangle on each wrist.

These South Indian jewellery designs are ideal for upcoming brides who wish to keep a classic appearance since they are exquisite, royal, and have a hint of retro appeal. We made an effort to highlight the top designs for temple jewellery. The majority of them are available for purchase on swarajshop website. Start shopping by going to the Temple Jewellery collection.

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