How to Compose a Good Why This College Essay?

How to Compose a Good Why This College Essay?

While most of your application will focus on your academic record, the admissions essay is your chance to show the admissions committee who you are and why you belong at their institution. Since some universities have made the SAT and ACT optional, your admissions essay could be worth as much as 75% of your total application. When applying to highly selective colleges where almost everyone has stellar assignment writing credentials and extracurricular activities, the admissions essay can be the determining factor.

How do you write an essay to get into college?

1. Just get going.

When you’re writing an essay, it can be hard to start because you’re staring at a blank page. So, to get past writer’s block, try this: Take 20 minutes to make a few quick lists of your proudest achievements, worst embarrassments, life-changing moments, strongest memories, favourite people, or any other categories that interest you. Don’t make too many lists. (Don’t worry if, like most people, you have your best ideas after the first 30 minutes.) Do the exercise every day for as long as you need. Soon, you’ll think of one or more possible topics for your essay.

2. Get up and go early.

Few people can write well when they are rushed, so make sure you have at least a few weeks before the deadline. You don’t have to work on your essay every day, but you do need to give yourself enough time to revise, edit, and then show your first draught to a friend for feedback. You’ll be better off if you start that first draught as soon as possible.

3. Don’t use the same theme as everyone else.

If your essay is based on real feelings and real events, it will be easier to write and more interesting to read. Don’t try to guess what an admissions office wants to read. So, if all of your friends are writing application essays about the topic of the day, that might be a good reason to stay away from it. Unless, of course, you have a unique point of view that you are dying to share.

4. Sound like your best self.

Admissions officers say that the best essays tell them something about the student that they wouldn’t learn from reading the rest of the application. For example, this essay might be the perfect place to highlight an accomplishment, a hobby, or a life experience that you didn’t talk much about on your application.

5. Write with confidence, but don’t be cocky.

Keep a confident tone, even if you don’t feel that way. In fact, that’s especially important. Look out for words and phrases like “maybe,” “sort of,” and “I think” that could make the tone less serious. At the same time, make sure to follow the format and length rules for the application. If the essay says you should write no more than 650 words, your application will stand out—but not in a good way—if you only write 250.

6. Check your work over and over, and then check it again.

As you get closer to your final draught, run the essay through your computer’s spell-checker and check the word count again. Then put it away for a few days and don’t read it. When you reread your essay with a fresh mind, you’ll be more likely to catch mistakes and awkward wording. Then, have a teacher, parent, or college student take a quick look at it.

7. Put yourself in the shoes of a person who helps people get into college.

If you had to read a lot of college essays every day in login code, would you find this one interesting? Does it start off in a good way? Is it easy to understand? Is it free of typos that get in the way? Does it come to a logical end? Do you want to find out more about the author? If you think so, a college counsellor is likely to agree with you.


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