Advancements in Technology and Their Impact on Daily Life 

Technology and Their Impact

Technological advancements in every field have increased human dependency on technology. Humans are constantly looking for easier ways to complete tasks while new and latest technology is evolving. Day-to-day lives have been influenced by technology and most of our operations have been made easier through it. For example, it is now possible to pay your utility bills through your phone while sitting in the comfort of your house. Similarly, you can also pay your internet bills by entering your Spectrum billing number on the website.

Some technologies are more useful to humans than others and therefore will be more in demand in the future. Let’s have a look at these technologies.

Computing power has already made its mark in the tech world with almost all devices being computerized. Almost all devices we make use of to ease our day-to-day operations are computerized. Computing Power is creating more and more tech jobs in the industry and it requires specialized qualifications for candidates to acquire. Data sciences, Robotics and IT management, and computing power will provide a large number of employees in every country. The more computerized the devices become, the need for more technicians, IT team relationship managers and customer care will flourish.

Smarter Devices

Artificial Intelligence has played an important role in making human lives smarter and smoother, it has helped humans in many fields to make their lives simpler and hassle-free. Data scientists with the help of AI are working on smarter devices such as robots, appliances, work devices, and wearables along with many other things. These smarter devices require smart software applications and so the demand for software engineers in the IT industry is on the rise. It is further increasing as more and more companies are transforming into the digital space.


Datafication is the process of transforming everything in our lives into software powered by data. Our smartphones, industrial machines, AI-powered devices to all the other devices we make use of are a result of data-driven technology and are all a part of Datafication. Therefore, storing our data the right way and keeping it safe and secure is very essential and it has become an in-demand specialized occupation.

Datafication leads to a rise in demand for IT professionals, software engineers, technicians, managers, and many other related jobs. Thus, creating employment at a large level.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been notably popular in the past decade due to its unique and extraordinary ability in the image and speech recognition personal assistants, navigation apps, ride-sharing, and many others. AI has influenced the way we live and carry out our day-to-day operations

AI will be used in the future in operations of critical importance to businesses. It will be used further to determine underlying connections to help predict demand for services like hospitals, analyze data, detect changes in consumer behavior, suggest better ways to reallocate resources, drive revenues, and enhance the personalized experience.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The next phenomenal technology trends are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual Reality takes the viewer into a completely new environment, completely computer-based. Augmented Reality enhances the environment, it takes the real world and adds parts of digital visual elements. Although this technology has mostly been used in gaming so far, it has also been used as stimulation software to train US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard Captains.

In the future, we can expect these technologies to be more integrated into our lives.AR and VR have great potential in the fields of training, marketing education, and entertainment.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a technology used to automate business processes. It is used in processes like processing transactions, data analysis, automatic email response, and interpreting applications. RPA automates the repetitive tasks people used to do manually.

RPA offers good career opportunities including project manager, developer, solution architect, and consultant.


3G and 4G technologies have changed the way we use the internet, it has made it easier for us to use data-driven services or surf the internet, and increased bandwidth to use Spotify and Youtube.5G technology is expected to take a huge leap in technological advancement. 5G will back up technologies like VR and AR along with gaming services.5G is expected to be used in industries and high-definition cameras that help improve traffic management, smart retail along with smart grid control.

New Energy Solutions

The use of new forms of environmentally friendly energy is on the rise. For example, electric cars or cars run on batteries are becoming common and houses are using renewable energy or solar energy. People are becoming more aware of their waste and carbon footprints, minimizing them or turning them into renewable energy.

The future of alternative energy will be an advancement in solar and renewable energy and the discovery of new forms of energy to facilitate all operations that will keep the environment safe.

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