Discover the Best Tiles Showroom for Your Business


Buying tile floors, backsplashes or walls requires finding a showroom with everything you need in terms of selection and expertise – finding one can be challenging! But this guide should make your search much simpler!

An effective tile showroom can increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction, while being well-designed and organized in order to offer visitors a pleasant shopping experience.

Mission Stone & Tile

When it comes to tiles, there are plenty of choices out there for consumers. Companies offer trendy tiles; others boast strong online presences; while still others provide showroom services across the nation. But which is right for you?

Mission Stone & Tile is an online-based store which offers an incredible variety of tiles. Based in Nashville, TN and specializing in natural stone and porcelain products such as Curve Appeal scallop-shaped tiles and Hex Appeal hexagonal white tiles; Mission Stone & Tile’s offerings also include its most sought-after offerings of scalloped tiles known as Curve Appeal as well as hexagonal white hexagon tiles that have become immensely popular with customers.

They offer a selection of unique materials and designs, such as concrete tiles that are great for floors, walls, ceilings, swimming pools, stairs, fountains and counter tops – made entirely out of natural materials without lead content!

Mission Stone & Tile not only has an online presence, but they have two physical stores located in Nashville and Chattanooga Tennessee for added convenience. Their focus is design driven with both residential and commercial products available for purchase.

Their website is an ideal way to explore their products and gain inspiration for your next project. It boasts an easy-to-use interface, offering customers an assortment of styles and sizes suitable for any decor scheme.

This company also offers an impressive selection of designer accessories to add a splash of color and style to your home, and their knowledgeable staff provides exceptional customer service experience.

As Mission Stone & Tile was recently acquired by Stone Source, Mission needed an agency that could standardize their product catalogue in their parent company’s system, switch over their ecommerce store from legacy ecommerce platforms to Shopify, and completely redesign their website to match that of its parent.

Universal Agency

Universal Agency was established nearly 310 years ago in Erode, India. Their tiles shop in Erode is an leading exporters to all around the world.

The Stone Shop provides an impressive range of floor, wall, medallion and natural stone tiles designed to suit any interior space. Additionally, their fabrication shop can create customized countertops, vanities and bath and fireplace surrounds to meet all customer specifications.

Opus 2.0 porcelain tile collection by Daltile takes design cues from their original collection with 11 suede effect colors featuring matte finishes to offer an elegant suede effect and stylish suede effect.

Large format tiles featuring the Fault pattern add both visual and tactile texture, as well as creating layered looks with its mix of patterns for an overall monochromatic aesthetic.

Natural stone flooring can make for a stylish and long-term option that stands up well against wear and tear, being both highly resilient and stylish. It can easily withstand traffic flow as well as wear-and-tear effects.

Nemo Tile + Stone offers several locations, from its flagship store in Jamaica, Queens to a 5500-square-foot Manhattan showroom and an overstock center in Hicksville on Long Island. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff makes finding an appropriate style easy.

The company provides natural and engineered stone surfacing materials for construction applications, glass tiles and metal tiles as well as acquisition of Modern Stone Consulting (a leading provider of sourcing, project management and quality control services for natural and engineered stones), in 2021. Furthermore, they continue expanding their portfolio of brands to meet demand for high performance design-driven surfaces across various industries.


Georgie Smith and Hilary Gibbs first met as apprentices working in their mother’s tile business; together they created an innovative printing method specifically for recycled tile bodies. Working alongside ecofriendly suppliers to source castoffs from factories that had closed, they then cut, printed, and finished tiles using eco-friendly water so as to reduce transportation-related emissions by using recycled content in production processes.

LIVDEN offers an expansive selection of ceramic and porcelain art tiles ranging from freeform to more ornamental patterns, all designed in-house by their team of in-house artists to bring accessibility and originality into any space. A favorite among their many two-tone designs, Popsicles stands out as an accessible two-tone option available in four distinct styles.

Ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturer Terrazzo USA also offers terrazzo — a composite building material composed of recycled granite, glass and quartz bound together with cement or epoxy — as a composite building material option. They have two terrazzo options available to them; Crystallized Terrazzo (with larger grain patterns suited for wall applications) and Polar Ice Terrazzo (less extensive grain pattern, ideal for residential flooring applications). All products made of 65 to 100% recycled materials to provide eco-friendly living solutions in your home – they also have a fun style quiz to help customers decide which pattern best matches their space!

Villagio Tile & Stone

Villagio Tile & Stone stands out as one of Scottsdale’s premier tile shops and distributors of some of the most recognized names in tile. It also holds certification and licenses from some of its vendors to do business here. The company boasts an impressive showroom featuring 35,000 square feet of tile, stone, and tiling materials arranged by color, texture, and type of tiling material – all neatly organized in categories by color, texture and type of tiling material. This company boasts an expert customer service team ready to answer any queries that arise, in addition to offering free design consultations and installation estimates – great extra services that go above and beyond traditional brick-and-mortar retailers! Nothing beats meeting with someone directly for assistance to ensure that you make an informed decision.

The Builder Depot

Beautiful tiles showroom in erode offering an impressive variety of natural stone, porcelain, glass and mosaic tiles from their Google Trusted E-Commerce supplier status warehouse in Los Angeles. Free design consultations in-store or remotely are provided free by this company that boasts more than 140 showrooms across America.

The Builder Depot’s wide range of tile is an easy way to find something suitable for every room in your house or renovation project, whether you’re building from scratch or upgrading an existing space. They sell seven main materials – ceramic, porcelain, travertine, limestone, marble, terra cotta and glass at various price points; as well as offering backsplashes and trims in their selection.

Calacatta gold collection from Artistic Marble stands out due to its beautiful veining patterns, making it the perfect addition for bathrooms that demand smooth surfaces. Available both honed and polished finishes; with the latter ideal for areas likely to experience water damage like bathtubs and showers.

Carrara Venato is another incredibly popular product, featuring stunning white hues resembling Statuario with spectacular random streaks of grey. This timeless beauty comes in several formats such as subway tiles, field tiles, hexagon and basketweave mosaics for easy application.

This family-owned business specializes in selling glass, stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles tailored for luxury markets. They operate nine showrooms nationwide – including an elegant slab gallery in New Jersey – as well as professional installation. Furthermore, this environmentally conscious shop generates 85% of its energy with solar power from Portland Oregon; their headquarters offer in-person design consultations as well as free samples from their tile collections.

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