How To Make Indoor Cycling A Fun Idea?

Do you want to live a healthy life? but you are short of time and can not hit the gym or do not like crowded spaces for physical exercises. Do not worry anymore, everything is now possible at your home. You do not need anymore to travel to outdoor destinations for performing physical activities. From the past few years there has been a wave of indoor training tools and programs. Even outdoor sports like cycling are now possible at home. Yes! You are listening correctly, you can Go cycling at home. With various indoor bike trainers you can ride on a bicycle at your own place.

But when it comes to indoor cycling, we think of it as very dull and boring. There is not any experience that can beat physical outdoor cycling, with fresh air and beautiful nature. Well, this is also true to some extent but cycling at home can be fun too. If you think indoor cycling is an exercise of just pedaling staring at the blank walls, all drained in sweat then you might be wrong. There are many ways which can make your indoor cycling experience really exciting and interesting that you will love to do indoor cycling.

In this article, we will discuss some methods by which you can bring life to your boring cycling training. Before diving deep into them, let us look at some basics of indoor cycling, its benefits and how it works.

What Is Indoor Cycling?

Similar to outdoor cycling, indoor cycling is pedaling the bike in a stationary position. The bike is attached to a stand or trainer to hold it in the same position or  stationary bicycle can also be used for the same purpose. It is also known as spinning. This is a type of physical exercise that focuses on endurance, strength and interval training. There are numerous benefits that you can achieve by performing cycling at home. You may lose weight, strengthen your heart, and increase your muscle endurance through performing indoor cycling lessons. You’ll work out your legs a lot. It also keeps your blood pressure and sugar count in control. Overall, it will keep you fit and satisfied. 

Now that we have understood what indoor cycling is and know its advantages. We can now discuss the most important section on how to keep you motivated through your boring indoor cycling sessions. Here are some tried-and-true strategies for making cycling at home enjoyable.

  • Create a Specialized Training Area

Select a specific location where you’ll be able to ride. There is one less reason not to work out when your room is ready to go. It’s critical to create a pleasant environment for working out, avoiding unneeded discomfort that would just cause aggravation and distraction. Maintain the temperature low, around 68 degrees, and keep a fan handy to help you stay cool and improve ventilation while working out. Try to keep a water bottle and a towel close by because indoor workouts tend to make you sweat more than outdoor workouts. If you’re accustomed to pedaling outside, think about aiming your bike at a window which can offer you a good view. You can even set up your tv or laptop in front of your bike so that you can enjoy movies, music videos, news, or whatever you like. 

  • Online Cycling Classes 

Joining online cycling classes is another good way to make your cycling exercises more engaging. Online cycling lessons offer a wide range of possibilities and are the simplest way to add enjoyment to your exercises. Try taking a simple one if you’re unsure about it. They could completely change your life, or at the very least, your workouts, and you have nothing to lose. They will also help you in utilizing your exercise to the maximum, you will be able to train yourself more effectively especially by focusing on specific parts of your body.

  • Watch a Movie or Listen to Music

It is true that when we attach an interesting or attractive task with another boring or unattractive task, there are higher chances that we will complete this. As discussed in the section of organizing training space, you can add television, computer or laptop in front of your bike. You can play a movie, comedy or motivational video in front of you to make your boring cycling routine more fun. 


Believe me you would not be able to realize when the time passed and you completed your cycling exercises. Another thing to make it attractive you can play music. This is for sure that music enhances our workout abilities. That’s why there is always music playing in gyms and training centers. You can also create a playlist of your favorite songs to make your riding more pleasant. Choose music with fast beats and a little bit motivating to move your legs faster automatically. There are many playlists which are especially designed for workouts. You can find them easily on any music application.  

  • Keep Playing With Intensity and Different Routines 

Nothing is more boring than doing the same thing every day. That’s why you should keep changing your exercise routines. Try different cycling exercises and do them with different levels of intensity. It not only keeps the activity interesting but also lets you advance in your game. Monotonous workouts may prevent you from progressing and changing different routines will help you see fitness gains more quickly and develop you as a more well-rounded cyclist.

  • Virtual Indoor Cycling

This is perhaps the best way to make your cycling experience more realistic, engaging and fulfilling. Virtual indoor cycling requires smart bike trainers and can be connected with Bluetooth devices. They monitor your exercise data and also show it on the screen of your bike, motivating you to improve further. Through virtual indoor cycling, you can connect with your friends to pedal together even from miles apart. You can choose different cycling courses which give realistic stimulation. You can chat, interact and race with your friends. You will see the riding course and your avatars cycling on the screen with your speed and other metrics. This sounds so cool and fun!

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