Cracking the Code to Ecommerce Success: 7 Habits of Top Consultants for SEO and Social Media Domination

The surging trend of e-commerce has spurred unprecedented competition, leading to an unprecedented demand for eCommerce consultants. As businesses strive to stay ahead in the race, the need for expert advice and guidance becomes all the more critical.

However, what sets the top consultants apart from the rest is their habits.

The best eCommerce consultants have certain practices that make them stand out from the crowd, and in this article, we will delve into the habits of the top consultants for SEO and social media domination.

Habits of the Best E-commerce Consultants

1. Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

Top eCommerce SEO consultants know the importance of conducting in-depth keyword research.

By conducting thorough research on their target audience’s keyword usage, businesses can customize their website’s content and design to align with their audience’s preferences and requirements.

2. Optimize Content for Search Engines

Successful eCommerce SEO consultants optimize their website content for search engines.

They use meta descriptions, tags, and headlines to make sure that their website appears in search results when potential customers search for related keywords.

3. Use a Variety of Content Formats

The best eCommerce consultants understand that different people prefer different types of content.

By employing different types of content, businesses can reach their audience through various mediums, appealing to different preferences and learning styles.

4. Leverage Social Media to Drive Traffic

Recognizing the crucial role of social media in driving website traffic, leading eCommerce consultants to prioritize their social media strategies.

By harnessing the power of social media, these consultants can effectively promote their websites and reach a wider audience, ultimately boosting their online visibility and driving growth.

5. Create Engaging Content

Successful eCommerce consultants create engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

They use storytelling, humor, and other techniques to make their content more engaging and shareable.

6. Encourage User-Generated Content

Savvy eCommerce consultants recognize the value of user-generated content in cultivating brand trust and loyalty.

By actively engaging with their customers and encouraging them to share their experiences, these consultants can generate authentic and relatable content that resonates with their audience.

7. Measure and Analyze the Results

The best eCommerce consultants stay on top of their website’s performance metrics by leveraging tools like Google Analytics.

With this data-driven approach, consultants can closely monitor website traffic, conversion rates, and other essential metrics.

How Genius eCommerce® Consultants Capitalize on Social Media

Genius eCommerce® is a premier eCommerce agency that is renowned for helping online retailers achieve their sales goals. The consultants at Genius eCommerce® understand that social media is not just a platform for socializing, but it is also a powerful tool for marketing.

One of the ways that Genius eCommerce® consultants capitalize on social media is by creating targeted ad campaigns. Another way that Genius eCommerce® consultants utilize social media is by creating engaging content that is shareable.

By creating content that is visually appealing and informative, they can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the eCommerce site. This can be achieved through blog posts, videos, images, and other forms of content.


In conclusion, the best eCommerce consultants have certain habits that make them stand out from the rest.

They perform extensive keyword research, optimize content for search engines, employ several content formats, use social media to drive traffic, develop compelling material, encourage user-generated content, and track and analyze results.

With the help of platforms like Genius eCommerce®, consultants can capitalize on social media and drive more sales for their clients.

By implementing these habits and utilizing the tools provided by Genius eCommerce®, eCommerce consultants can help their clients achieve success in today’s competitive online marketplace.

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