One of your favorite forms of amusement nowadays is playing Computer games online. Because of this, there are numerous games available to everyone nowadays, and the gaming market is also quite developed and competitive. You’ve unintentionally found it challenging to choose a game to play as a result of this.

Do not fear; this post will recommend a captivating, colorful, and wonderfully crafted survival arena game. Don’t worry; I’ll recommend several top PC games in this post, like Fall Guys, FIFA Online 4, Path of Exile, and League of Legends (LOL).


On August 4, 2020, Fall Guys was launched, winning The Game Award for Outstanding Community Support. The enormous popularity of Fall Guys led to the creation of Lolbeans.io. So, it is possible to say that is a colorful adaptation of Fall Guys.

It is a lively graphic design game with online multiplayer available on browsers and mobile devices. became well-liked due to the fact that you may play freely without being concerned about getting charged.

The Survival Arena subcategory includes this game. is a highly enjoyable game with several levels, so mastering it will need a variety of talents. Your goal in this game is to get the maximum score possible or to finish last. With many other players from across the globe, you may play live online.

Minimum PC and laptop 

  • CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB (minimum)
  • GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics or AMD (formerly ATI) Radeon HD Graphics with OpenGL 2.1
  • GPU (discrete): Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 2400 with OpenGL 3.1
  • HDD: At least 200MB of free space for games and other related installation files.
  • Java 6 release 45

If your PC does not have a robust configuration, you can choose the game dino game. This is a pretty online PC game, although built in the old graphic style, it still has a pretty good, addictive gameplay.

How to create lolbeans.io game account?

You may access the play using this link. And just like in any other game, you need an account to participate. You have two options for logging in: you may create a new account by providing the name and game you want, or you can use Google and Facebook.

You must choose your character’s color in the Lolbeans.io game and begin deftly guiding the character to dodge obstacles until you are the only player remaining. There are several challenges in each round, like swinging hammers, enormous balls, lava that breathes fire, windmills, and fireballs.

How to play lolbeans.io game?

To evade obstacles and reach the end of the game on a computer, the user must control their character with the WASD or arrow keys, jump with space or right-click.

On your mobile device, you must contact and slide to guide your character through the obstacles and to the finish line. Players must calculate precisely when and where to leap, but they must not squander time. You can customize the character with the colors and costumes of your choosing.

There are numerous maps in the game, and each map contains unique obstacles. In each round, you will work with various participants to surmount obstacles and emerge victorious; the more rounds you pass, the more beans you earn.

Each map is professionally and creatively designed to present a challenge to participants. The nice thing about this game is that you can form a group with your peers to prevent it from becoming monotonous.

What is the Lolbeans.io game?

This game is a survival arena game with an entertaining, colorful design, and there’s no need to establish an account or logon too complicatedly; you can still play alone or online with many different players from different countries.

In order to win this game, you must amass the most points. Only the most powerful and sagacious players can emerge victorious.

It is a simple but entertaining game appropriate for all ages. There is no level too difficult to require participants to meet stringent requirements. Always updates the most recent versions every month, bringing players more challenges and novelty.

Therefore, it is highly addictive and compels players to return for more. Try it out if you are searching for a light game to relieve tension. Lolbean.io is a free app on iPad, iPhone, Android, and the web browser. Nonetheless, this game incorporates a large number of advertisements that require the user to view the video.

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