Money Saving Tips for Goa Trip

Money Saving Tips for Goa Trip

Here are some simple Money Saving Tips for Budget Goa Trip! Have a look:

Book during off-season

Making money is the driving force behind this mindset. During the off-season, Goa hotels, as are their wallets, are less busy. For the best deals, I suggest making your hotel reservations during the off-season, which is the wet season. Because hotels require funding to operate, your advance payment provides that!

Book Accommodations in Advance

Research and book accommodations in advance to avoid last-minute surges in prices. You can also look for budget-friendly options such as hostels or homestays.

Use Dormitories over Hotels

I recommend choosing dorms instead of hotels as they are much less expensive than hotels, especially for a group. In Goa, a dorm can be rented at a low cost. It is a budget traveler’s paradise.

I recommend Anjonad Hostel which is the best backpacker hostel in Anjuna Beach. This hostel offers budget-friendly accommodation at an incredibly low cost. Due to their excellent hospitality services, it is often crowded with visitors when you visit Goa. Try local and international food items at their cafe next to the accommodation, and indulge in alcoholic beverages 24 hours a day to add some glitz to your Goan holiday.

Rent a Two-wheeler

Renting a two-wheeler is a great way to save money on transportation. It is cheaper than hiring a taxi or renting a car, and it gives you the freedom to explore Goa at your own pace.

Choose an Old Bike Instead of a New One

With their “New Bike” ruse, Goa’s bike rental companies might trick you. To save between Rs. 100 and 150 a day per bike, I advise choosing an ordinary or older bike over a new one. Additionally, even if you mistakenly damage one, you will pay less. A smaller, more recent Yamaha Fascino will run you roughly Rs. 450/- per day, while an older one will run you Rs. 350/-.

Going directly to the bike rental location and asking for the “Without Agent Wala Discount” is another approach to save a few dollars. You can save Rs. 50 by doing this for each bike per day.

Use Local Transport

From Thivim Station to Calangute Beach, a taxi would cost you roughly Rs. 600, and from Madgaon Station to Calangute Beach, it will cost you roughly Rs. 1200. On the plus side, you may use local transportation to cut this cost to Rs. 50–60 per person without too much hassle.

Travel to Reduce Food Costs

This can sound strange. But you did hear it right. Food near the shore is expensive as usual. If you have a vehicle, I advise traveling away from the beach (i.e., towards Old Goa, etc.) to save close to Rs. 1000 to 2000 on a group supper for 5–6 persons. For a group of 11 people, I’ve tried a restaurant nearby that costs me around Rs. 4900, and a restaurant 20 kilometers away from the beach did the same thing for Rs. 3600, leaving us with pretty full tummies and a delectable flavor in our mouths.

Use your bargaining skills

Use your bargaining skills to get a lower hotel room rental rate. To make money and keep tourists coming to Goa, hotel owners give discounts on hotel room rentals.

Goa is famous for its flea markets where you can find everything from clothes to souvenirs. Don’t hesitate to bargain and negotiate prices to get the best deals.

Stay away from Fake Agents

I advise avoiding bogus agents who approach young boys and girls with enticing offers regarding massage and spa services or who sell them phony admittance tickets to clubs, among other things.

Use your brain with a plan in handy

If you want to travel for the least amount of money and have the most fun, preparation is key. Look for locations online, make a list of them, and then plot them on a map. Travel with a strategy in mind. You can save a tonne of money, time, and effort with this method.


In this blog are several effective money saving tips that can help you plan a budget-friendly trip to Goa. These tips can help you save money and enjoy a memorable trip to Goa without spending a lot. By following these tips, you can have a wonderful holiday in Goa while keeping your expenses under control.

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