TeaTV is a popular Android streaming app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free.TeaTV is a popular TV channel, so you might be interested to see the latest news.TeaTV has announced that it will be selling user IP addresses to third-party vendors. This is a sad announcement.

Truth is, copyright piracy should be a concern for anyone using any platform. Knowing that your IP addresses have been exposed or given over should cause you to worry.

TeaTV is safe if you don’t want to give up your movie access.

Is TeaTV Legal?

It is illegal to watch any video content streamed online without the permission of the copyright holders. You can only watch legally free content by streaming it online on a Network TV station. Copyright holders are the networks that release TeaTV shows and movies. Copyright piracy has become a very common problem these days as more free streaming sites like TeaTV are appearing on the internet. It’s now possible to view your favorite shows without having to pay for them.

Because illegal content-sharing is so common, the media industry has been more stringent in pressing the authorities to crack down on copyright pirates. ISPs can be used as watchdogs to monitor user activity and block access to illegal streaming platforms. The service provider that you pay for is working against you.

It is important that you protect yourself when streaming illegal content.

Is TeaTV safe?

Let’s get to the point: Is TeaTV safe? TeaTV claims that its service is safe, but a VPN is the best way to ensure your privacy.

TeaTV content is not theirs and comes from other hosts. This means that you run the risk of downloading malware to your device and being caught pirating copyrighted content. Hackers will be able to access your private information and bank details. Although you should be using antivirus software to protect your computer from spyware and viruses, it is not foolproof. You can hide your IP address and keep criminals away by using a trusted virtual private network (VPN).

TeaTV now sells your IP addresses to third-parties. This puts you at risk of unwanted attention, targeted ads, pop ups, and other online harassment. TeaTV and other free platforms will be difficult to use without a VPN provider that will hide your IP address and encrypt all your activity.


Any time you are using TeaTV, safe practice is to also use a VPN. Using a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, will protect your devices and your information from unauthorized users and those who could be trying to harm you. If you want to watch TeaTV material at any time, a VPN can safeguard you with a variety of security and privacy features.

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