Pakistan’s top ten most beautiful tourist places

Faisal Masjid
Kumrat Valley

In this article you will know Pakistan’s top ten beautiful tourist Places

Following decades of political instability and security issues, Pakistan is now at the forefront of something exceptional that has removed Pakistan off the list of all visitors save the most fearful. With increased security and political stability, Pakistan has opened its doors to visitors from all over the world.

Pakistan is a lovely nation. Southern Asian alpine panorama is spectacular, with a maximum of 108 peaks above 7,000 meters, including K2. Pakistan is an excellent destination for an amazing vacation on the northern outskirts of the bustling cities of Islamabad and Lahore.
Furthermore choosing from a wide range of sites in that gorgeous country may be tough, considering our suggestions. There are ten of Pakistan’s largest and most picturesque locations here.

1. Skardu (Skardu)

Skardu offers it all: Turkish seas, beautiful mountains, attractive lakes, and kind people. Moreover, Spend a day or two at the village of Kachhura, the Shangri-La resort, and the dunes. Enjoy a unique sunrise and sunset experience over the Indus River. Visit the six-hundred-year-old Kharpocho fort to learn about the region’s history. Skardu Bazaar is a must-see for shoppers and diners alike. Here are some great local gifts for relatives and friends back home.

Trekking will not assist you in walking the glaciers to the camps of some of the world’s highest mountains, including K2. But Your vacation would be incomplete if you did not visit Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake.


Islamabad is a lovely place to unwind after visiting Pakistan’s capital. The city is green everywhere, with magnificent streets and a clean, serene, and pleasant ambiance.

Faisal Masjid

You’ll like touring this decently populated city. The Pakistan Monument, the Lok Virsa Museum, and the Faisal Mosque are well-known cultural heritage landmarks. Or, on the lovely, densely forested Margalla Hills, you may hike the trails and then drive up to Monal. You may get a great view of Islamabad and the surrounding area from here.

This is an excellent location for Instagram photos. Islamabad has a variety of dining alternatives. You may find restaurants in Islamabad that provide continental, Chinese, or Pakistani cuisine and American, English, or Italian cuisine. while many people adore the gorgeous Lake View Park and the little yet magnificent town of Saidpur. The greatest shopping malls in Islamabad are Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall.

Valleys of Kalash

Hence they are nestled amid the Hindu Kush highlands of Chitral. These magnificent areas are home to the unusual and one-of-a-kind Kalash tribe.
This is a fantastic location for taking in the area’s spectacular magnificence, the wildness, and the unusual design of the residences.
Bamburet is the most well-known of the Kalasha Valleys. However, if you want to see and experience Kalasha culture, go to Rumboor and Birir.
The liberal Kalash people are the offspring of Alexander the Great’s army. Don’t miss the annual Chilam Joshi event if you’re visiting in May.


Chitral is located in the Hindu Kush mountains. The Kalash tribe, a rare and distinct people, lives in these magnificent regions.
The natural beauty of this neighborhood and the unique architecture of the houses make it an ideal place to live.
The most well-known of the Kalasha Valleys is Bamburet. But if you want to see and feel Kalasha’s particular culture, then travel to Rumboor and Birir.
The Liberal Kalash are descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Don’t miss the annual Chilam Joshi event if you’re visiting in May.
There are various hotels, restaurant rooms, and enterprises in Karimabad, the valley’s main retail center. Before you go, sample some delicious local cuisine and purchase some lovely souvenirs.


Peshawar, located northwest of Islamabad, is a magnificent city with a history dating back to the Mughal Empire of the 17th century. This city’s historic attractions, shopping centers, and gastronomy are well-known among visitors. Stroll around Peshawar’s streets and bazaar, and for lunch, try the famed Charsi Tikka at Namak Mandi. Don’t miss the traditional Dum pukht dish if you enjoy lamb meat.

In addition, Peshawar’s old beauty has been preserved. The Bala Hisar Fort and its strongholds continue to watch the action on the famed GT Street. The fort was built in 1562 as the royal home of Afghanistan’s Durrani dynasty.
Moreover, Peshawar’s other historical monuments include the Peshawar Museum, Buddhist stupas, the Khyber Pass, and the Jamrud Fort.

When it comes to shopping, Peshawar has a lot of luxury things. This city has it all, from the well-known Afghan tapestries at Shuba Chowk to the Namak Mandi jewels and Jehangir Pura Market Peshawari Chappals. A shopping mall must also visit the famous Qissa Khwani Bazaar.

Valley of Gojal

Take the Karakoram Highway 20 kilometers north of Hunza to the lovely Valley of Gojal. Gojal is home to stunning lakes, rugged mountains, glaciers, and charming hamlets abutting China’s Xinjiang region.

After traveling through numerous mountain tunnels in the north, you’ll arrive at the famed Attabad Lake near the settlement of Shishkin. Among the rocky mountains lies this lake, which was created after a portion of a neighboring mountain fell and impeded the river’s flow. This lake is well-known for its clear blue waters and is ideal for Instagram photos, jet skiing, and boating.

The picturesque Gulmite hamlet is next on the Karakoram Highway. Take a walk down the road to forget about your worries, or explore the verdant and pleasant village. An hour’s stroll takes you to Ondra’s ancient town, from which you can get a bird’s-eye view of the villages and the famed Passo Cones.
Tourist attractions include the Husaini Bridge, Borith Lake, Batura Glacier, and Khunjerab National Park.

Gilgit-Naltar Baltistan’s Valley

The Karakoram Highway from Gilgit City to Naltar takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes. This isolated valley is well-known for its natural beauty and tranquillity. Naltar is worth visiting because of its snow-capped hills, sceneries, lakes, and vast woods.

During the winter, Naltar Valley transforms into a skiing hotspot. The Pakistan Air Force administers the ski resort, attracting thousands of skiers from across the world each year.

The Bashir Lakes include beautiful lake scenery, rugged dirt trails, and glacial rivers. It’s a lovely spot for a picnic. Take a jeep ride to Pari Lake, a highland lake where you canoe and enjoy nature.


The old city of Lahore is known for various tourist attractions and activities, including historical monuments, shopping districts, and gastronomy.

Anyone interested in history, art, or architecture should visit Lahore Fort. The fort was built in the 11th century by the legendary Ghazni Mahmoud. A visit to the Badshahi Mosque is another wonderful joy for visitors. If you enjoy shopping, visit the well-known Anarkali Bazaar and Freedom Market.

So there are some places to visit in Lahore include Shalimar Gardens, the Lahore Museum, the Minar e Pakistan, and the Wagah Border.

Ghizer, Phandar Valley

The lovely Phandar Valley is well-known for its numerous streams. The scenery and ambiance are breathtaking. The first glimpse of the valley awakens you from your journey’s exhaustion and energizes you.
The Phandar Valley is an excellent site for fishing, camping, swimming, strolling, and nature walks. With poplar trees on its coast, Phandar Lake provides interesting perspectives. This lake’s beautiful blue, tranquil waters provide opportunities for exciting boating activities.

However Summer weather is typically pleasant, making it the greatest time to explore the valley. The inhabitants of Phandar are kind and respectful. The valley is home to a plethora of hotels and inns.


Consider the deep blue seas, the snowy mountains, the beautiful sceneries, and the dunes. This is what you would see at Gwadar, Pakistan’s beautiful harbor town in the Balochistan area.
View Gwadar Port and enjoy stunning views of the Arab Sea’s clean waters. But If you don’t like it, go to the well-known Hammerhead, a rock pile formed by the explosion of a mud volcano.

Unlike Motorboats can easily access Astola Island’s turquoise seas. If you don’t want to dive, you may go fishing or explore the canals to see Dolphins and Turtles.
Other interesting sites to visit are Omara Beach, the Balochistan Sphinx, the Princess of Hope, Hingol National Park, etc. As we know Pakistan is the best country for tourism.

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