Can You Track AirTag Miles Away?


In recent years, Apple introduced a groundbreaking tracking device called AirTag. This small, coin-sized gadget has revolutionized the way we keep track of our belongings. But how far can you track an AirTag? In this article, we’ll delve into the capabilities and limitations of AirTag tracking, exploring scenarios where it proves most effective.

How AirTags Work

AirTags use a combination of Bluetooth technology and the vast network of Apple devices to help locate lost items. When an AirTag is paired with an iPhone, it constantly communicates with the device, updating its location in real-time.

Bluetooth Range of AirTags

The range of an AirTag largely depends on the Bluetooth signal strength. In optimal conditions, you can track an AirTag within a range of up to 100-200 feet. However, obstacles like walls and interference from other electronic devices can reduce this range.

Precision Finding with AirTags

One of the standout features of AirTags is Precision Finding. This uses the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology in newer iPhones to provide more accurate location information, even indoors. With Precision Finding, you can locate your AirTag down to inches.

Limitations of AirTag Tracking

While AirTags offer impressive tracking capabilities, they are not without limitations. The Bluetooth range can be hindered by obstructions, and tracking accuracy may decrease in crowded urban environments.

Extending AirTag Range

There are methods to extend the range of your AirTag. Accessories like key rings or holders can provide a clearer line of sight for the Bluetooth signal. Additionally, utilizing the Find My network, which relies on the collective power of Apple devices, can help extend the tracking range.

AirTag Competitors

Other companies have introduced similar tracking devices, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Comparing AirTags with competitors can help you choose the best tracking solution for your needs.

Privacy Concerns with AirTags

With any tracking technology, privacy is a concern. Apple has implemented measures to protect user privacy, including audible alerts on devices near an unknown AirTag and the ability to disable unwanted tracking.

Using AirTags for Personal Belongings

AirTags are excellent for keeping tabs on personal items like keys, wallets, and bags. Their compact size and reliable tracking make them a valuable tool for everyday use.

Using AirTags for Pets

Pet owners have found AirTags to be a game-changer in ensuring the safety of their furry friends. Attaching an AirTag to a pet’s collar provides an extra layer of security in case they wander off.

Using AirTags for Travel

Travelers can benefit greatly from AirTags. Attach them to luggage, passports, or important documents to reduce the stress of lost or misplaced items during your journey.

AirTags and Law Enforcement

AirTags have also gained attention in law enforcement circles. Their tracking capabilities have been used to recover stolen property and apprehend thieves.


In conclusion, AirTags offer a reliable solution for keeping track of your belongings. While their range is limited by Bluetooth technology, their Precision Finding feature and compatibility with the Find My network make them a powerful tool. Consider your specific needs and circumstances when using AirTags, and enjoy the peace of mind they bring.


Can I track an AirTag from any device?

  • A: You can track an AirTag from any device with the Find My app installed and signed in with the same Apple ID.

What is the battery life of an AirTag?

  • A: An AirTag’s battery can last up to a year before needing replacement.

Are AirTags waterproof?

  • A: While AirTags are not fully waterproof, they are water-resistant and can withstand splashes and brief immersion.

Can I track an AirTag if it’s out of Bluetooth range?

  • A: If an AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, it can still be located through the Find My network, provided there are nearby Apple devices.

Can I share my AirTag with someone else?

  • A: Yes, you can share your AirTag’s location with others through the Find My app.

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