Top 5 Issues of Wrong eCommerce Website Performance

Top 5 Issues of Wrong eCommerce Website Performance

Many platforms sell products and services online through various websites. eCommerce plays a very significant role but also faces some challenges in this growing digitalization. An eCommerce website is an online platform for your traditional stores and businesses to promote your products online and make it easy for the users to buy the products from just about anywhere.

As estimated, more than 2.13 Billion people around the world buy and sell their products and services online through various websites. eCommerce helps a lot of people to start their online stores, and businesses effectively and efficiently. It’s not easy to gain customer traffic! You can’t wait for your customer to reach you on their own, instead, you have to make efforts and drag them to your store.

Some of the eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. are in talk nowadays. Many businesses face slow growth or sometimes downfall as they encounter various issues in their website’s performance. It is necessary to choose the right eCommerce platform for your business which not only helps in building your brand but also helps you reach great heights.

Importance of Having the Right eCommerce Platform

  • A broad reach to users
  • Helps in maintaining lower costs
  • Helps in boosting your product sales
  • Provides better services to customers
  • Increases consumers trust
  • Selling products globally
  • Helps in increasing brand awareness

Many eCommerce platforms face a lot of challenges and issues while working. Some of the issues are mentioned below.

Top 5 Issues that Can Affect Your eCommerce Website’s Growth

  • Choosing Wrong Platform

It is very important to have a scalable eCommerce platform to give users a better experience so that they can become your regular customers.

But, if someone chooses the wrong eCommerce platform for their business, there is a lot of chance that your website faces a lack of attractiveness, instability, less traffic, etc. It contributes a lot to the failure of your eCommerce website.

  • Not Properly Optimized for Mobiles

Not optimized according to mobile is the major factor for the downfall of the website. In today’s world of digitalization, everyone does their work on their phones or other digital devices. So, it becomes necessary that your website must be optimized according to mobile phones.

If not, you will lose a large amount of consumer traffic on your website, leading to a downfall in sales and revenue altogether. That’s why it is recommended to build platforms according to the optimization of the mobile.

  • Adding Unnecessary Banners, Ads, and Pop-ups

Imagine you visit someone’s website! Just after landing, a lot of unnecessary ads and banners are popping up on your screen which is of no use. By the time you will start feeling irritated by those banners, you will immediately leave that site.

The same will happen to your websites if you will not remove unnecessary banners, ads, and pop-ups. Try to make your website more user-friendly and easy to access.

  • Less Social Media Presence

To stay alive, we all need the right amount of oxygen, likewise to stay alive on the social media platform you have to remain active. It’s a great responsibility to post regular content related to your website to get traffic.

Somehow, if you don’t have a social media account, consumers will start asking the question about the existence of your business. Don’t occupy yourself in many different social media platforms instead, try to make your presence on the major ones as per your targeted audience and stay focused on the same.

  • Less Detailed Description of the Products

The major drawback of a website is not giving proper details of your products. A product description is the only factor that attracts traffic to your website.

We are following you up with some tips, to keep in mind while making a website, just in case you are new to this field.

  • Choose a Better Website for Your Product
  • Decide on an Attractive Domain Name
  • Set a Website Hosting
  • Choose a Better Theme Design
  • Publish Your Content
  • Last, Promote Your Website


Here’s a tip for everyone who engaged themselves in online marketing. To gain success in the digital market, try adding your businesses to high-scaling eCommerce platforms.

Don’t forget that, choosing the right eCommerce platform is way too important for your website to grow. Various eCommerce platforms allow you to provide a better online experience. So, choose things wisely!

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