How to record Valorant games on PC

In this article, we will guide you on how to record Valorant games on PC using iTop Screen Recorder. With the increasing popularity of Valorant, it’s essential to record your gameplay for personal reference or to share with your friends or on social media. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can easily grabar juegos de Valorant on your PC with high-quality output. Getting started with iTop Screen Recorder, you need to download and install iTop Screen Recorder from their official website. Once you have installed the software, follow the steps below to start recording your Valorant gameplay. Step 1: Launch iTop Screen Recorder and click on the record screen option. Set the recording area by selecting a custom area or a full screen. If you want to record system sound and microphone audio, turn on the respective options. Step 2: Click the setting button in the upper right corner of the software interface, and you will open a new window, where you can set the format, quality, frame rate, etc. of the recorded video according to your needs. Step 3: Return to the main interface of the software, select the game mode, add your game Valorant to iTop Screen Recorder. Step 4: Start your game, click the REC button on the main interface of iTop Screen Recorder or the shortcut key F9, iTop Screen Recorder will start recording your Valorant game after a 3-second countdown. Step 5: When the game is over, you can click the red button on the toolbar in the lower right corner to end the recording. The recorded video will be automatically saved in My Creations, where you can play the video, edit the video, upload the video to social networking sites, and share it with others. Recording Valorant games has never been easier with iTop Screen Recorder. With just a few clicks, you can record your gameplay and share it with your friends and followers.

Tips for recording Valorant games

Here are some tips to get the best recording experience while playing Valorant:
  • Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run Valorant smoothly.
  • Close all other applications running in the background to avoid any interruptions during recording.
  • Adjust the recording settings as per your PC’s configuration to get the best recording quality.
  • Keep an eye on the recording time to avoid any unwanted interruptions in the middle of the gameplay.


Recording Valorant games on PC has become easier with iTop Screen Recorder. With the steps mentioned above, you can easily record your Valorant gameplay and share it with your friends and followers. Follow the tips to get the best recording experience and enjoy playing and recording your Valorant games!