Tips to choose the best gynecologist

Visiting a gynecologist is inevitable for women. Whether you need a health check-up, advice for family planning, birth control, ovarian disorders, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, or pregnancy care, a gynecologist is required for every important transition in a woman’s life. But finding a gynecologist that is the right fit for you can be challenging.

With people breaking the stereotypes and taboos around female reproductive health and more women seeking professional reproductive care, India is home to some of the best gynecologist in Pune and other major cities.

The list below discusses five important factors to consider while finding the best gynecologist.


While looking for the best gynecologist in their area, patients must visit the places they have shortlisted through their online research. Although online research is important, the internet is not the one-stop destination for finding the perfect gynecologist. Visiting a hospital helps in determining more information about the place, its people, and its management. Patients need to know about the healthcare professionals, staff, and the overall working atmosphere of the hospital or a clinique, as they are not only paying your hard-earned money for their check-up but also for a good experience.

Visiting the healthcare center also provides them with an idea about whether the healthcare institute or professional prioritizes hygiene or not. Location is another important factor to consider while choosing a gynecologist, as patients have to go for multiple check-ups within a month. So, if the clinic is far from their residence, they might have trouble going there more than once. A good doctor always helps to calm patients down. The one-on-one consultation with the doctor will make them comfortable and it would be easier for them to open up about their experiences.


The best thing about people on the internet is that they do not hold back, especially if they had an underwhelming experience. The internet is a great source of information about institutions and doctors relevant to the industry. Patients will be able to get full of list of the best gynecologists in their city through a simple click. Most of the time, patients do not hold back if they had a bad experience with a specific professional or an institution and will hardly sugar-coat their experiences. Such reviews can be extremely helpful in finding out the best possible doctors that cater services within your budget. You also get the idea if an institution prioritizes safety and cleanliness or not.

With so many unsolicited opinions floating around women and their bodies, it becomes hard for them to find the right gynecologist. A lot of women might even avoid seeking professional help in the fear of being judged, scrutinized, and shamed. The internet is also a safe space for women to get the right guidance and even connect to a professional. Patients may take help from social media, as a lot of doctors have made their digital presence and are active on multiple platforms. 

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Patients must always ask for recommendations from their friends, family, and even co-workers, as they will most likely be honest about their experiences. While social media helps give some insight into a doctor’s personality, relying solely on internet reviews and social media profiles might not be a good idea. Although there are regulations imposed and people have to crack through multiple stages before getting their professional degree in gynecology, the chances of you being scammed are not nil. Patients need to dig up as much information as they can before finalizing any hospital or a professional.

There is no better way to find if a professional is a right fit or not than by asking people who have already undergone similar procedures about their experiences. Talking to a person who has already undergone a similar procedure also helps patients get more idea about the precautions they should take before undergoing the process themselves and debunk certain myths in advance.


Another important factor that patients must consider while choosing a gynecologist is the cost. It is advised to form a budget after researching the average fee charged by gynecologists in your city and visit only the ones that fall within your budget. However, patients should not compromise on the quality of the service while limiting their budget, as reproductive health is something they can’t bargain about. Therefore, extensive research is crucial for finding a gynecologist that is credible, has relevant experience in the field, and falls within the budget. 

Choosing a gynecologist who is comfortable addressing mental health issues is equally important, as women are more sensitive, especially during pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, the postpartum or post-childbirth period, and menopause. It is important for patients to regularly get checked for mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. 


The first and most crucial step towards choosing the rise gynecologist is to ensure the legitimacy of the professionals. Patients should review the doctor’s educational qualifications and certifications before going ahead with their procedure. The gynaecologist industry is pretty lucrative, and the rising demands of gynecologists among the general public have also enabled people who are rather unqualified or under their training to step into the industry for business. 

They need to do their homework and finalize a professional only if they are satisfied with the doctor’s education credentials. Patients should avoid taking advice from professionals trained in other medical areas or general physicians, as their lack of experience may lead to unwanted results. Instead, they should move ahead with a gynecologist specialist doctor with a legitimate medical degree and plenty of experience in dealing with women’s reproductive health. Patients may go to the hospital’s official website to review the doctor’s portfolio and educational credentials.

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