How to Download CA Intermediate Mock Tests For the 2023 Exams?

CA Intermediate MTP


CA Intermediate exams mock test papers, revision test papers, and previous year question papers play an important role in the CA Intermediate Examination. These CA Intermediate papers help students to crack the CA Intermediate exam. 

Because solving mock test paper give clarity over the concept and also help to remember the topic. 

Furthermore,  ICAI has released the complete schedule of the CA Intermediate mock tests paper for the May 2023 session. The CA Intermediate mock tests papers series will be held in both online and offline mode, students interested in offline mode tests must approach the respective branches in the area.

As per the ICAI official schedule, the CA Intermediate May exam 2023 for Group 1 will take place on 3,6,8, and 10 May and for Group 2 on 12,14,16, and 18 May 2023. 

In this article, we mention how you can download the CA Intermediate mock tests paper for May 2023 exam and also mention 4 tips to solve the CA intermediate MTP for the best result. 


Steps to Download the CA Intermediate Mock Tests from the ICAI Website 

You have to follow the given steps to download the CA Intermediate Mock tests 2023.


Step 1 – Visit the official website of ICAI 

Step 2 – Go to the BoS Knowledge portal given under the student’s menubar 

Step 3 – Click on the link “Mock Test Papers” 

Step 4 – Select the mock test paper for the CA Intermediate exam 

Step 5 – Paper/ Subject wise questions along with answer links will display on the screen

Step 6 – Click on the link and download the PDF mock tests.

Tips to Solve the CA Intermediate MTP for the Best Result

Understanding the Exam Pattern 

The CA Intermediate exam pattern for May 2023 exams is available on the official site of ICAI. To solve the CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers you have to understand the Exam pattern. 


Focus on Accuracy 

Accuracy in the CA Intermediate papers is very important. Because CA Intermediate Papers are always lengthy. When you solve the CA Intermediate Mock tests paper focus on your accuracy so that you attempt the paper completely in the CA Inter exam. 


Analyze the Paper before Solving 

This is an important CA Intermediate Preparation tip to solve CA Intermediate mock tests paper.  First, you have to analyze the whole paper before start attempts questions directly. This gives you a better understanding of the concepts. It also helps in problem-solving and applying knowledge gained through reading the paper. 


Use the Appropriate Language and Formate

While solving the CA Intermediate Mock test paper use the proper language. Use the proper terminology and basic jargon while solving Mock test papers. This will help you in communicating your response more effectively and clearly. 


Review Your Answer 

After attempting the CA Intermediate mock tests paper review your answers to identify your mistake and error. This will help you in learning from your mistakes and improve your performance in the next attempts.


These are the most important tips for slove CA intermediate mock test papers. These all tips we discussed above define your preparation level for the CA Intermediate exam. These tips definitely help in the main CA intermediate exam. 


Preparation Tips for the CA Inter Exams 2023

Here we mention 5 important CA Intermediate Preparation tips that you must follow before the examination. 

Choose a proper place to study 

You have to choose the proper study place where the seat should be comfortable, and the room should have proper light. Make sure there is no disturbance when you’re studying for the CA Intermediate exam. 


Revision of Notes 

The CA Intermediate exams are near and it is not possible to revise the whole book in a limited time. Hope you make your notes for revision. Revising your notes, again and again, will help to remember the topic and concept. 


Solve the Previous year’s CA Intermediate Papers

Solving the previous year’s CA intermediate Question Paper gives you an idea about the paper. This is a useful exam preparation approach is to solve the previous year’s CA Intermediate papers. It helps students understand the exam pattern, identify their strength as well as their weaknesses, and develop confidence. Practicing before-exam questions may help students improve their time management skills and reduce exam anxiety. 


Solve CA Inter Mock Test Papers 

Solving the CA Inter Mock Tests Papers is an important part of exam preparation since it allows you to check your knowledge and skills in an actual exam setting. Practicing with a variety of mock exam papers can also expose students to various question types and styles, as well as help in the development of critical thinking skills. 


Keeps Fit and Healthy 

Good health and fitness are required for successful CA Intermediate exam preparation. Exercise on a regular basis helps to improve blood flow to the brain, reduce stress, and improve focus. Getting enough sleep, drinking a lot of water, and taking moments to rest and refresh are all essential to a healthy mind and body. 

Overall, taking care of your health and fitness can help you prepare for the CA Intermediate exam and raise your chances of success. 



Finally, practice exams, revision papers, and previous year’s question papers can help you prepare for the CA Intermediate exam. You can download the CA Intermediate question papers and MTP from ICAI  official website. We mention the steps to download the paper in this article if you missed it scroll up and check all the steps to download the CA Intermediate paper from ICAI official website. 

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