Invest in Your Baby’s Health With Prenatal Care Classes

Prenatal care is an integral component of ensuring a successful and safe pregnancy and birth experience, including visits with both an OB-GYN and midwife as well as education on what happens during gestation and delivery.

Classes like these provide you with all of the knowledge and support you need for a healthy pregnancy, including eating healthily, taking folic acid supplementation, exercising regularly and forgoing alcohol use.

Prenatal Fitness Classes

Pregnancy can be an exhausting time, yet exercising during pregnancies can help women manage its demands more easily. According to research conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and American Pregnancy Association, prenatal exercise can alleviate back and pelvic pain, increase muscle tone and endurance, speed postpartum recovery time, improve posture and balance while also preparing your body for labor and delivery.

Yoga can be an invaluable form of prenatal fitness, helping pregnant women build flexibility, reduce stress and ease aches and pains associated with gestation. Look for prenatal classes that emphasize relaxation techniques as well as poses that accommodate changing bodies.

Glo offers pregnancy care training, cardio, Pilates and meditation classes to meet the unique needs of each trimester of gestation. Classes may offer breathing practices to alleviate stress or prepare for labor while others address common pregnancy strains or pains.

Booya Fitness’ Stay Strong During Pregnancy plan is an expertly crafted program, consisting of strength training sessions along with cardio, barre, mobility and stretching. Attractively priced with expert instruction and multiple training options.

Alo Moves provides hundreds of workouts that cater to varying fitness levels and preferences – it’s simple to navigate, with yoga, Pilates, strength training and other classes all readily available on-demand.

Prenatal classes offered through this app provide busy moms-to-be with an option for staying fit and healthy during their pregnancy. With trainers experienced in prenatal and postnatal fitness programs, these workouts are safe at every stage.

Aaptiv is a well-recognized fitness app, offering video-based workouts and personalized one-on-one coaching experiences for beginners and experienced exercisers alike. Their new 27-week prenatal program is an effective way to keep up with fitness during gestation – both versions offer affordable pro upgrades with additional content like pregnancy calendar and nutrition support!

Newborn Care Classes

Are you ready to invest in your baby’s health? Prenatal care classes provide all of the knowledge and support that will allow you to make informed decisions that benefit both yourself and your newborn child.

These classes cover topics such as pain management strategies, breastfeeding techniques, newborn care considerations and sleep issues, among others. Furthermore, these classes can provide opportunities to meet other expectant parents and build relationships that can assist you throughout your childbirth experience and beyond.

Most birthing classes are led by certified childbirth educators who will guide you through the labor and delivery process, providing techniques to alleviate discomfort and keep you focused during contractions. They will also discuss natural birth options as alternatives to common medical interventions like pain medication, epidurals or inductions.

Research the available classes offered at hospitals, birthing centers and communities early to locate one that suits you best. Some classes meet once or twice each week while others provide single-day tours.

Find an in-person class, so you can ask questions directly, or choose an online class where videos can be watched at your own pace and there may even be lifetime access so you can revisit any time needed.

This four-hour course covers the fundamentals of infant care from newborn behavior and characteristics to feeding, bathing and other basic principles of infant care. It’s ideal for expecting mothers and partners who lack prior experience caring for newborns.

American Academy of Pediatrics also offers many helpful courses online for expectant parents, such as newborn care, breastfeeding, infant CPR and baby safety.

Newborn care classes are generally led by experienced childcare professionals, offering expert instruction either at your home, a community center, or online learning platforms. Some classes also come equipped with breastfeeding classes to teach how to correctly use and pump breast pumps during those first few weeks postpartum.

Breastfeeding Classes

Pregnancy, birth, and welcoming a newborn into their lives can be both exciting and daunting for women. Without prior knowledge on breastfeeding basics or adequate time to learn how to breastfeed properly, this period may be especially nerve-wracking for some mothers.

One way to ease the process is to attend a breastfeeding class before your baby arrives. These classes, typically taught by lactation specialists or nurses, cover an array of breastfeeding-related topics that mothers will find beneficial.

These classes not only offer an educational basis for breastfeeding mothers and fathers alike, but can also build confidence in the abilities and outcomes for themselves and their babies. Research has revealed that pregnant moms who take part in such classes experience better perinatal outcomes – including lower risks of infant illnesses like asthma, obesity, type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as respiratory infections in themselves and their babies.

These classes provide another advantage that many new parents value: support from other moms who understand what you’re going through can increase confidence.

Attending a online pregnancy classes can give you all of the knowledge and tools to successfully breastfeed and maintain an adequate milk supply. In such a class, you’ll learn about establishing a healthy supply, various breastfeeding positions and what signs indicate that baby may not be getting enough milk.

If you can’t take part in a breastfeeding class, another great way of finding support and advice from other breastfeeding moms is through support groups. Here you can hear what other moms have been through as well as pose any queries or get tips regarding everything from pumping and breastfeeding at work.

Bon Secours provides several prenatal care classes ranging from breastfeeding to infant CPR. To find the one best suited to you and your family, contact us or view our calendar of upcoming classes. You can also learn about other aspects of prenatal care by visiting our resources page or consulting your healthcare provider.

Infant CPR Classes

New parents need to stay educated on infant safety matters, whether that means understanding the risks associated with infant choking, how to provide CPR on an infant or when and why your baby should visit the doctor. Staying prepared in case an emergency arises can make your experience less traumatic.

An Infant CPR Course is the best way to be prepared in case of emergency situations, and online versions make taking one even easier. They’re available anywhere with internet access, making this option ideal if you live in an area without traditional classes nearby.

Some companies that provide CPR training will come directly to your home or workplace and teach you this lifesaving skill. Check with local fire and police stations, hospitals or the American Heart Association to see which companies may be available in your area.

CPR online courses for children and adults offer all of the information necessary to complete a CPR class and earn certification.

Most of these courses are also available as DVDs with practice mannequins for easy learning and are ideal for people needing this lifesaving skill for employment purposes, including medical professionals, child care providers, lifeguards and fitness instructors.

Find free videos to treat common infant health concerns such as rashes, fever, and cradle cap. These helpful and educational videos will give you confidence to treat your infant quickly.

If you’re curious to gain more knowledge about infant health, there are various books available that provide valuable resources. One such title we particularly enjoy reading is The Baby Manual which covers everything related to newborn care such as breastfeeding, sleep development and safety tips.

Tinyhood offers an in-depth online course for infant and child CPR that covers breastfeeding, feeding, sleep training and much more. Plus, with two years of access, you can revisit each video as many times as you need to!

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