The 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning Championship Ring: A Closer Look

The 2021 Tampa Bay Lighting championship ring is a sight to behold. Representing the team’s second Stanley Cup victory, this stunning piece of jewelry is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the intricate design of the 2021 Tampa Bay Lighting championship ring and all that it symbolizes for the team and its fans.


The 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning championship ring is a spectacular work of art. It features a rich blue and silver design with the team’s logo proudly displayed in the center. The words “Tampa Bay Lightning” are displayed around the perimeter of the ring, while the phrase “2021 World Series Champions” is engraved on the inside.

The sides of the ring feature the players’ names and jersey numbers,

As well as the Stanley Cup trophy and a lightning bolt, commemorating their victory. The bezel of the ring is made up of 16 round brilliant-cut diamonds, each one representing the wins that it took to win the Stanley Cup. The top of the ring also includes a three-dimensional Lightning Bolt with a ruby at its center.

The 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning championship ring is truly a beautiful and meaningful symbol of the team’s hard-fought victory and will be treasured for years to come by both players and fans alike.


The 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning championship ring is constructed of a 10-karat white gold with a total of 8.2 grams of metal weight. The face of the ring displays the Lightning logo, complete with the team’s 2020-2021 Stanley Cup Championship text inscribed around it. Also featured on the face of the ring are the two Stanley Cup trophies and the words “2020-2021 World Series Champions”. The sides of the ring show off the Tampa Bay Lightning’s division, conference and league championships. This is sure to be a memorable 2021 World Series Champions ring!


The 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning Championship Ring is a beautiful example of a championship ring. As the 2021 World Series Champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning have gone above and beyond to create a stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to stand out among the crowd. The ring itself is made of 14-karat white gold, with a total of 27 genuine stones set within the design.

 The stone centerpiece of the ring is a.

75 carat diamond, encircled by 12 .20 carat rubies, representing each of the team’s players. Above this sits a brilliant blue sapphire, representing their 2021 World Series Championship victory. The stone details on this ring make it truly one-of-a-kind, and a must-have item for any diehard Lightning fan.



When the Tampa Bay Lightning won the 2021 Stanley Cup, they were awarded with a championship ring to commemorate the achievement. The ring, designed by Jostens, is presented in a wooden box embossed with the Lightning logo and the words “2021 World Series Champions”.

 Inside the box,

The ring itself is proudly displayed along with an individualized card featuring a photo of the Stanley Cup and team captain Steven Stamkos. The ring is finished off with a velvet black cushion to complete its presentation. This is truly a fitting honor for one of the NHL’s top teams and a wonderful keepsake for Lightning fans everywhere.

A Championship Ring for the Ages

The 2020 Los Angeles Lakers are the 2020 NBA Champions. To commemorate their victory, they have been presented with a unique and special ring – the 2020 Lakers Championship Ring. It is a fitting symbol of their accomplishment, one that will be remembered for years to come. The ring is similar in size and design to the 2020 Super Bowl ring, featuring a large, circular diamond set in 14-karat gold.

The face of the ring displays the iconic Lakers logo,

This is highlighted by a cluster of additional diamonds. On the left side of the band, the inscription reads “2020 NBA Champions”, and on the right side it reads “Los Angeles Lakers”. The bottom of the ring contains an image of the Larry O’Brien trophy and two stars to represent the team’s 17th championship title. In total, the 2020 Lakers Championship Ring contains 243 diamonds, making it a truly remarkable and remarkable piece of jewelry.

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