6 Scintillating Shades For Your Living Room As Per Vastu

vastu color for living room

Can’t seem to hand-pick a colour for your living room? Or finding it tough to match your preference to Vastu principles? Don’t get overwhelmed with choices. It’s easy to find the best one when you have a list of the top contenders.

Here’re 6 Colours That Will Help Your Living Room Glow With Positivity.

  • White


Of all Vastu colours for your home, shades of white are the most commonly used.


Signifying cleanliness with its calm, soothing vibe, the colour white helps create a peaceful environment. It is the single best colour for ceilings. 


You can, of course, also use it on walls to make your living room look more spacious as this colour reflects more light. 


Now don’t use a stark white colour, as it can give depressing vibes. Use a warm shade like off-white and cream.

  • Beige


Beige is a colour of happiness, purity and warmth. According to Vastu, if you have a living room in the West direction, this colour will be fantastic. 


Unlike many other colours that can be overwhelming if used too much, the darker shades of this colour can be used on all four walls of the living room.


With vibes of luxury, success and prosperity, the colour makes your living room cosier. Thus, helping to welcome guests more warmly and making them comfortable.


The best thing about this colour is that it’s neutral. So, it goes with almost every colour of furniture, upholstery, curtains, rugs and linen. 


If you do not get enough sun in this direction, you could add a couple of artificial plants to add some green colour symbolising hope and health.

  • Green


The colour green represents health, wealth, vitality and growth. No wonder this healing colour is found in every particle of nature’s existence. 


According to Vastu, this colour is best for living rooms in the East. 


You should prefer to use a lighter shade of green, like sea green if you wish to paint all four walls the same colour. However, if you would love a darker shade, use it only in accent form.


For instance, you could create an accent wall with a dark green coloured wall or add rugs, curtains or sofas in the same shade. With plants, you can use this colour naturally while getting a boost of oxygen and the godly aura of plants almost 24/7.


The lucky bamboo, aloe vera and snake plant are some of the easy-to-care indoor plants.

  • Light blue


Many North-facing house Vastu plans have their living rooms in the North or North East. 


A great colour for this direction is blue. That’s because North East is the direction of the water element, and blue represents water. 


Now, you could have a dark blue shade in your living room. But having all walls in a dark shade may bring some negativity as dark colours tend to absorb more energy. 


If you want to use a dark blue colour or other water element colours like grey, use them in accents. You can use darker shades in curtains, rugs, sofas, and showpieces in the living room. 


However, it’s best to use the light blue shade and use it on all four walls. This colour also goes with minimalist colours like dark grey or brown often found in modern sofas and furniture.


The blue colour stands for peace. It helps people occupying this space have calm and composed conversations instead of arguments. 

  • Peach 


The colour peach belongs to the family of red. It is also known as a pale red or new york pink, at times. 


If your living room is in the South direction (South East, to be precise), this colour may suit you best. That’s because the South direction belongs to the fire element. The colour peach (and red) represent fire. 


When you use these colours in the South, you balance the energies in your environment, which helps enhance every part of your life. 


Peach is becoming a popular living room colour with every passing day. The reason it’s in trend is that it goes well with brown furniture and neutral-coloured carpets and curtains.


Also, the light peach colour has a friendly and warm vibe. Its sweetness, along with the vigour and rejuvenation it provides, is great to welcome your guests and enjoy deep and heartfelt conversations with them in your living room.

  • Brown


Brown is another uplifting colour that can be used in your living room. Almost every household has some brown in their house in the form of wooden furniture. 


For living rooms in the West or South West, it’s a fantastic colour to use as it represents the Earth element.


Even though it gives a warm vibe of safety and comfort, we suggest not covering all your walls in brown colour. That’s because it may make the room appear darker. 


You could have an accent wall in brown to take advantage of its delectable dark chocolate vibe. Other than that, you could have brown on your sofa, coffee table, planters, windows, curtains and even ceiling fans. 


It’s best to use it in combination with another warm colour like off-white or beige.

Summing Up


Beige, white, brown, peach, blue and green are some of the enriching hues your living room will love you for. 


Select them based on the Vastu principles of directions, and if you find them too overpowering, you could use them in accents. 


Don’t know if your chosen colour is perfect according to Vastu? Consult a Vastu expert online

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