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Interior Designing in Pakistan

The Interior Designer Company Lahore process is divided into the same stages in each case, regardless of whether the project concerns a small apartment, a large house, or real estate and whether the project is glamorous or another style. All project stages are closely related and always have the same sequence.


First contact and valuation of design works

The first step is the investor’s contact with the designer, during which the client’s expectations for the future project are determined. The first call does not oblige you to anything and is free of charge. On this basis, the architect can prepare an offer for interior design. You can proceed to the next stage if the ordering party accepts it.

Signing the contract 

After the investor accepts the offer, the designer prepares a contract containing all the design process details. Starting from the method of information flow between the client and the designer, the maximum time in which the investor must make decisions, the time frame within which the architect must fit in creating the project, to the payment schedule.

In-depth interview

After signing the contract, the architect asks several questions and surveys customer preferences to determine future house residents’ needs. At this stage, the investor should show one or more photos showing the style in which the interiors will be designed. This is an important stage for both parties because it allows you to shorten the time of the actual design process (i.e. conceptual design, visualization, and organizational design). The investor’s satisfaction with the final result depends mainly on it.

Stocktaking and photographic documentation 

Depending on the property’s construction stage, the architect takes measurements on the investment site. Design work begins when the building is still under construction and there is no physical possibility of taking measures. In this case, the architect uses the documentation provided by the developer or the construction design of the house. This is the best moment to start interior design because the investor will not incur additional costs of alterations to partition walls, electrical installation, or plumbing.

When an Architects in Lahore makes an inventory of rooms, he also creates documentation in photos. He does it to ensure he gets everything and can return to them anytime during the project.

Conceptual design

The conceptual design is the starting point for the following stages. It is the basis for the entire project, and the final success depends on it. Based on an earlier interview, the designer presents the investor with 3 proposals for the functional layout of the apartment. The available design is presented as a 2d, i.e. flat projection in a horizontal orientation. It contains the arrangement of partition walls, doors, windows, furniture, fittings, and equipment, along with the dimensions given, so that the customer can decide in which understanding the interiors are designed.

Room visualization

Room visualizations are another meaningful and most awaited project stage by every client. Rooms are presented in the form of several renders per room. Such images in present format colors, materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, and equipment will be found in the designed interiors. The investor can make several corrections in the visualizations, depending on prior arrangements with the designer. However, these corrections must be in order with the earlier stage, i.e. the conceptual design.

Detailed design

After accepting the interior visualization, the designer proceeds to the final stage, which is the organizational design. It is nothing more than all the guidelines and drawings for contractors that enable the implementation of the interior designer’s ideas. It also includes a shopping list for the investor with prices and places of purchase. The customer receives a printed design in two copies.

Supervision of renovation works 

Some investors decide to supervise the finishing works. It consists of regular visits of the designer to the investment site, assessing whether the results are carried out following the design, responding to the doubts of renovation teams, and informing the client about any irregularities on an ongoing basis. This is a separate part of the project priced separately.

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