Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Manufactured Home Seller

Manufactured Home

Success as a seller of manufactured homes is not just about the financial rewards, but also the satisfaction that comes with knowing you provided a valuable product or service for the buyer.

If a customer does not refer others after the sale, or if they do not become repeat customers, then the sales commission is not an indicator of success.

One satisfied customer is likely to result in at least one future sale, while a dissatisfied one will lead to the loss of many customers in the future.

Customer service is often viewed as something that happens after the sale, but in reality, it is important before and after the sale.

The sales process, and in particular the attitude and manner of the staff, can influence customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction after the sale.

These are the traits that a seller of manufactured homes must possess or acquire to succeed;


According to the Iowa modular homes kit specialists, without being trustworthy and ethical, a seller can’t continue to sell manufactured homes for long. A home buyer’s most important decision is buying a manufactured home.

He will be cautious about any seller who seems dishonest or untrustworthy.


People Person

The most important concern for prospective buyers of manufactured homes is dealing with “sellers.” They are not looking forward to dealing with a “seller” as they might have felt when purchasing a car.

Many customers remember the mobile home business being very similar to the automobile industry, even though it is many years old.

Temperament is key to overcoming fears and misconceptions. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the buyer/seller relationship, it is important to be friendly, easy-going, and show genuine interest in your situation.

You shouldn’t enter “sales mode” without first gaining the customer’s trust by having a pleasant conversation about their needs and concerns.

You must listen to the customer and let them talk. Only this way can you get the information that is needed to solve your problems and make a sale. It is important to make the buyer smile now and again.

It is worth taking the time to establish a relationship that leads to success. A customer must first buy from the seller before purchasing a house.


Product & Industry Knowledge

A successful seller will have intimate knowledge of the homes they are selling, including the prices and available options. It is important to be familiar with the homes of your competition as well as the benefits of their homes.

Many features that manufactured homes offer are comparable or better to site-built homes will validate them. These include energy efficiency, storm safety, and fire safety.

You can use your research to find clear and specific answers to customers’ most frequent questions.

Even if the dealership has a finance manager, it is still very useful to have a good understanding of the financing terms, conditions, and rates as well as the down payment requirements.


Familiarity With the Geographical Area Market

A buyer may be ready to purchase but doesn’t know where the house is located. You will be able to sell the property if you have all the information you need about the area, including the location of the subdivisions or the spaces available in the land lease community.

Establish relationships with park managers and real estate agents to keep you updated about new sites and refer you to potential customers.


Maintain Your Ownership After the Sale

After the sale is complete, this is the time to strengthen the relationship with your client. This will result in the above references.

More paydays will be earned by being involved in the installation and delivery process. Maintaining a good relationship with the new owners is key.

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