Top-rated secondary school and its curriculum in Abu Dhabi

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One of the most crucial decisions you must make as a parent is picking the right secondary school. Of course, it is difficult to determine which school is best. Any review will be subjective because each parent’s and their child’s demands will differ depending on their beliefs, experiences, and requirements. Some criteria used to evaluate schools are students’ academic accomplishment, social and personal growth, innovative abilities, teaching and assessment, and leadership and management of the school. Make sure to check the school’s rating before admitting your child to a  secondary school. Keep reading to know the top-rated secondary schools in Abu Dhabi.

Why are the ratings important?

To standardize school inspections across the UAE, ADEK unveiled a new unified inspection framework in 2015. The most significant change was the transition from the “conventional” A1–C7 alpha/numeric inspection ratings to a new, “simplified” grade of “outstanding”–”very weak.” This modification also provided additional information.

Here are the ratings’ definitions:

Outstanding: The performance quality significantly exceeds what the UAE had anticipated.

Very Good: The level of performance far outperforms that of the UAE.

Good: Performance quality is in line with UAE expectations (This is the expected level for Indian public high schools in the UAE).

Acceptable: The performance quality satisfies the UAE’s basic standard for quality (This is the minimum level for every school in the UAE)

Weak: Performance quality fell short of UAE expectations.

Very Weak: The performance quality fell far below what the UAE hoped.

Top-rated secondary schools in Abu Dhabi

1. Global Indian International School Dubai 

GIIS Dubai is authorized to teach dual curricula, a relatively new phenomenon for Indian curriculum institutions worldwide. It provides the in-house “Montessori Plus” curriculum, which strives to meld the greatest instructional strategies with a Montessori (child-led) setting.  It was founded in 2015. Students at GIIS schools on several sites have profited greatly from the knowledge-exchange program. The school has been effective in fostering young minds to become tomorrow’s leaders by implementing well-managed management practices and building an innovative academic curriculum. The goal of GIIS is to make sure that these experiences and ideals are included in every subject and course. Along with learning about universal principles, ethics, discipline, creativity, and personality development, students are also taught the significance of academic performance. The rating for GIIS Abu Dhabi Indian public high school is Acceptable.

2. British International School 

British International School is located behind Abu Dhabi University between Khalifa City B and Madinat bin Zayed City. It was founded in September 2009 and is managed by Nord Anglia Education as part of its worldwide school network. The rating for this school is Outstanding. The school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Years 12 and 13 in addition to the English National Curriculum from FS1 to Year 11. The school strongly believes in a holistic and well-rounded approach and offers a wide choice of more than one hundred extracurricular activities. The requirements and talents of every student have been carefully considered when developing this extensive CCA program. Students gain knowledge and skills they can use in classes and in the future through a variety of activities, whether they be sports, arts and crafts, technology, performing arts, or intellectual in nature.

3. Al Yasmeena Academy

Al Yasmina Academy, the second school established by Aldar Academies, was founded in 2008, following the opening of Pearl Primary, another renowned school in the city. The rating for this school is outstanding. Al Yasmeena Academy is a British curriculum school that serves students from ages 3 through 18.  The school takes great pride in the academic success of its pupils, some of whom earned the top IGCSE and A-Level scores in the nation. The school has also received accolades for its capacity to promote students’ social and personal growth, with a focus on relationship building. They focus on delivering academic rigor in a kind, welcoming environment where students love attending and feel comfortable. They seek to prepare the students to be future global citizens who can contribute favorably to society. 

4. Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi was established in 2014. The school follows procedures similar to those used by its sister school, Cranleigh UK, which was founded in 1865. They seek to offer a fusion of innovation and tradition. The school offers BTEC certifications, IGCSEs, and A-Levels. The rating for this school is outstanding. Their teaching concept is centered on motivating kids to become creative learners and independent thinkers by letting them go out and explore the world on their own. They achieve this by offering an extraordinary variety of co-curricular activities, a strong emphasis on the arts, and a high standard of academic rigor and extension. With 150 years of teaching experience from its school in the United Kingdom, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is a British curriculum institution with a rich history.

5. Raha International School 

Raha is an International Baccalaureate World School that serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. It was founded in 2006. The school has received praise for the excellent quality of its curriculum in addition to the quality of care, direction, and support it offers its pupils. This school has an outstanding rating. Their programs use an inquiry approach to match student interest with what they learn, increasing their innate curiosity and creating a love of learning. They encourage students to emulate the qualities of the IB Learner Profile by providing a team of teachers with international experience, competence, and commitment. Each classroom is intentionally designed to encourage learning in a fun way, utilizing open-ended tools that foster social and communication skills but, most importantly, allow the child to take their learning in any direction.

6. Merryland International School 

Merryland International School does have a unique history. The original Merryland Kindergarten was established in April 1978 at a home in Najda by an Indian national named Mrs. Susheela George, who later moved to the UAE after getting married. At the time, there were seven students enrolled. This school is rated outstanding. Merryland International School is a British curriculum co-educational school. The school has received accolades for offering students a creative opportunity to conduct research and deepen their awareness of the world and for having a wide variety of high-quality learning resources. MIS is proud of its academically rigorous course offerings. Their method has produced great, world-beating outcomes for 20 years, well-prepared pupils, and success story after success story. The MIS staff members give their all to each individual student, giving them thoughtful education and unending support. 

7. Indian Public High School Ras Al Khaimah 

Indian Public High School Ras Al Khaimah is a Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) connected with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school offers classes for students in grades KG 1 through 12 and is coed. It is a school with an English medium. Indian Public High School was founded in 1986. Their mission is to produce kids with noble minds by being a leader in education. They aim to be a role model for innovative teaching and learning that goes above and beyond the classroom. The school has set itself the goal of having a 100% graduation rate.

8. Horizon Private School 

Another famous school in Khalifa City A is the co-educational Horizon Private School (HPS-Br), which follows the Common Core Standards. There are over 1,900 pupils enrolled in the 2008-founded institution, who range in age from kindergarten to grade 12. Academically brilliant children are also catered to at Horizon Private Schools with AP classes, which let students take college-level coursework while still in high school. To ensure students obtain a well-rounded education, Horizon Private School also offers various extracurricular activities and clubs once a week. The ADEK gave the Horizon Private School Branch a very good rating during the 2018–19 inspection.

So, these are the top-rated secondary school in Abu Dhabi. More than 720,000 students from the UAE attend private secondary schools, and most of them are from all around the world. Because of the academic quality and multicultural environment, international secondary schools are well-liked in the UAE. Ensure your child attends the right school and gets the appropriate education and environment.

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