What Is The Most Searched Thing On Google 2023?

Most Searched Thing On Google

Since the birth of Google and with its evolution, there is a big list of the most searched keywords in Google 2023. On the other hand, after researching the searched data, it has been seen that the searched keywords are largely derived from some of the keyword searching tools, including Semrush, a keyword planner, and other digital marketing tools. In this article, we are going to discuss with you the most searched thing on Google 2023.

The Most Searched Thing On Google 2023  

Below we have discussed the most searched thing on Google 2023

After all, it is a fact that the most searched things on Google are several brands such as Amazon, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, and so many others. These most searched brands have often been for decades and years. Some of them are popular, and some of them are trending. In this case, we would like to share with you the top 20 trending searches in the year 2023 in Google.

1. OnlyFans  

One of the best subscription social platforms is Only Fans. The global search volume is more than 300 million, and the search volume in the US is more than 100 million. The site has more than 100 million users, along with 1.5 million content creators.

2) Discord  

One of the most popular text and voice chat platforms that are popular in gaming communities is discord. Users can join this platform if they want to know some specific topics. Actually, this platform is very similar to the text and chat platform subreddits.

3) TikTok  

Another short video-sharing platform is Tik Tok which is owned by China-based ByteDance. This platform has grown to a very great extent since its release in the year of 2016. Now it has more than 1 billion users. After researching the traffic calculation of this particular platform, it has been seen that more than 7 million users have searched for this platform in the US. On the other hand, the global search volume is more than 600 million.

4) Facebook Marketplace   

Over a decade after the invention of Facebook, it has been seen that it is a peer-to-peer marketplace. On the other hand, Facebook has over 3 billion active users. In terms of addition, the user rate is increasing because this social media platform is also one of the best marketplaces that allow users to buy, discover and sell products to one other customer. The search growth of this social media platform on Google is more than 1200% over just five years.

5) Canva  

One of the most searched online graphic designing platforms that are aimed at non-designers is Canva. On the other hand, the five years of search growth is 1150%. This easy-to-use tool has a simple drag-and-drop interface, and it is easily usable, which is why 250,000 pre-made templates have been made.

6) YouTube TV  

It is a mentioned fact that YouTube has more than 5 million search volumes in the US. On the other hand, the search volume globally is more than 55 million. In this case, if you want to be a web-based alternative to traditional cable, then you can utilize the services of Youtube TV. The plans start from $65 per month, and you will be able to see more than the top 100 networks, including Fox, TNT, and AMC.

7) Whatsapp  

One of the most used applications is owned and operated by the parent company, meta. On the other hand, Whatsapp has over 2 billion users, and more than 100 billion messages are sent out. After estimating the fact, it has been seen that the search volume of this communication platform is 1.8 million, and on the other hand, the search volume globally is more than nine million.

8) Yandex  

Have you ever heard about the multinational search engine Yandex? If it is not only you who don’t have an idea about this. This search engine was founded over 25 years ago in the Russian-speaking market. Yandex has several non-search features like maps/navigation. Several mobile applications and other-e-commerce.

9) Flipkart  

When you want your desired products, then first you might click on the e-commerce platform “Amazon” or “Flipkart.”  Thus you have an idea about this e-commerce site based in the city of Bangalore.

First, this e-commerce platform was an online book store, and then it quickly expanded into consumer electronics, home essentials, groceries, lifestyle products, and so many others.

The search volume is more than 70 thousand in the US, and globally the search volume is 600 million. After all, the five years of market growth is more than 85%.


Now we are going to conclude by mentioning the most searched nine keywords across the globe. They are not just only the most searched at the time, but they have been on the most searched list yet. If, in the future, advanced software or websites are invented, then the search volume on that software and websites would be increased. We are not saying that the above-mentioned keywords might be no more in the future, but their advanced versions would be looking forward.

Thank you for reading till the end.


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