Who is Mike Wazowski Real name?

Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski ( Real Name Michael Wazowski ) is a character featured in Kingdom Hearts III. He was played by Randall Wazowski. The character is a part of the Jokesters, who are a group of former scarers that are now trainers of the aspiring students. A fan site for Kingdom Hearts III features information on this character.

Randall Wazowski’s character in Monsters University

Randall Boggs is the arch nemesis of Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Their rivalry was first introduced in Monsters University.

As a result of this, Randall has suffered from a long and painful childhood. He sees college as a chance to gain acceptance. However, his ambitions backfire.

Randall is a very cunning individual. He plans to betray Waternoose. In the end, he is humiliated publicly. This is a sign of his psychosis.

Nevertheless, Randall finds love with Mike. They make a deal to get the human child back. When Mike sends Sulley back after closing hours, the plan fails. It is when Randall returns that Sulley gets his position back.

Although he is an avid reader, Randall is not stoic. He daydreams about how Waternoose would embrace him as a son. His obsession with a father figure also causes him to have a difficult time camouflaging himself.

Randall has a secret henchman named Fungus. But he is afraid of getting close to him. And he tries to hide his true identity.

Mike Wazowski’s relationship with Sulley

Mike Wazowski and Sulley Sullivan are the best friends. They work together at Monsters Inc. and have been since college. Although they have different personalities, they are a team.

While they may not be the most popular, they are very close. When Sulley learns that a three-year-old human child named Boo has been abducted by a Yeti, he asks Mike to help him get her back. In the process, they form an unlikely friendship.

Despite being the best friend of Sulley, Mike is a bit of a loner. He is not as sensitive as Sulley and is always somewhere else. During his school career, he has been the victim of bullying by Randall Boggs.

For the most part, Mike is a goofy character. He has a large eye and is always on the hunt for a new car.

Mike and Sulley were inseparable when they were young. However, things took a turn for the worse when Mike’s girlfriend Celia was kidnapped by the CDA.

Mike Wazowski’s training of former scarers to be Jokesters

In Monsters, Inc., Mike and Sulley have to work their way up the corporate ladder. They start off in the factory’s mail room. As you can imagine, they get into some trouble along the way. Luckily, they have a friend in Sulley who is just as nutty as the rest of them. Eventually, they’re promoted to scarers.

Mike and Sulley’s most memorable moment may have been stealing Archie the Scare Pig. Their other most memorable moment might be the night they make it to the big leagues. That is a story for another day.

Fortunately, they are given a second chance by the bigwigs at the company. But the long road to the top is littered with bumps and bruises. During the course of their journey, they will encounter the likes of Bonnie Hunt, the scare aficionado. She will also serve as the head of the Jokesters department.

For their quest to put Gigi back into her human home, the two best friends will need to learn to work together. The most challenging part will be figuring out how to do it while staying under the radar of the powers that be.

Mike Wazowski’s frustration with driving his red sports car

A prequel to Monsters, Inc., Monsters University was released in 2013. The movie is a prequel to the original film. This movie introduces the younger version of Sulley.

It also shows his relationship with Celia. They are a couple and she is his girlfriend. But they are not together in the beginning. After the movie, they reconcile.

Mike Wazowski and Sully form a good friendship. They are very close. They are both smart, intelligent and funny. Their personalities make them very fun to watch.

Mike Wazowski is the protagonist of Monsters, Inc. He works for Monsters, Incorporated. His job is to handle paperwork. However, he dreams of becoming a professional scarer. To do that, he must compete in Scare Games.

Mike has a round head and lime green skin. His mouth has jagged teeth. He has one cyclopian eye. On each hand, he has four fingers.

He has slender arms. He wears a blue helmet. There are two small horns on his head.

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