How to Complete Day 4 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor

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Hello, Neighbor is one of these nice puzzle video games with challenges and boundaries that continue to grow greater hard with each act. As you delve into the Mayor’s House, you will discover plenty more puzzles to solve as you try to find the museum gear key hidden away in a secret room of the residence.

To open this secret passageway, you will need to discover the Mayor’s prized trophies and gather a special ship helm. Here’s how to finish the essential steps for Day 4 and retain onward on this twisted tale.

How to collect all the trophies at the Mayor’s House in Hello Neighbor 2

The important intention of Day four on the Mayor’s House is to collect all 5 of the trophies to open a showcase that holds a unique delivery helm.

This ship’s helm will act as a key, paired with the megastar compass pedestal inside the Mayor’s Room, to open the secret passageway and screen the missing equipment key we need for the museum.

The trophy room is upstairs related to the Mayor’s bedroom by means of a secret dresser passage. If you are taking a near study the photo striking on the wall beside the trophy stand and the ship helm show, you may notice it shows all of the trophies that are required.

There 5 of them in total, and for the motive of this article, we are able to refer to them all as Cup Trophy, Circle Trophy, Triangle Trophy, Star Trophy, and Arrow Trophy. Here’s a way to retrieve all of them.

How to get the Cup Trophy in Hello Neighbor

The first trophy we can awareness of is the Cup Trophy, due to the fact you could get this without venturing up the stairs and you may find the maximum important element to this puzzle proper as you enter the belongings.

The massive marble statue. The statue holds the Cup Trophy, however, to retrieve it, you’ll want to locate the statue lacking piece.

The piece is a workforce that is only a few feet away buried inside the ground. However, to dig it up, you want to distract the Mayor’s canine.

Otherwise, the canine will bark at you and reason the Mayor to pop out to research. Much like the cat in the bakery, all you want to do is locate a few pieces of food. Conveniently the Mayor has some steak at the grill, however, you won’t be capable of grabbing it till the fire is out.

To position the fire out, you will want an extinguisher. There is one putting right within the Mayor’s kitchen on the left aspect of the couch. Bring it out onto the deck at the same time as the Mayor is distracted playing the piano and placing the heart out long enough to grab the steak.

Then sneak up in the back of the dirt mound and discover the dog’s empty dish. Once you locate it inside the dish, the canine will no longer bark at you.

You can now dig up the team of workers by using using your shovel. If you do not have one on hand, you could locate one leaning against the marble statue at the doorway to the belongings.

Bring the staff returned to the marble statue and area it within the statue’s hand. This will automatically open the front compartment where the Cup Trophy is hidden.

Now you can undertake upstairs to region them down on the trophy stand earlier than the Mayor catches you with it.

What are the features of Hello Neighbor Mod Apk?

The mod apk model of the game Hello Neighbor offers extra features and upgrades which can make the gameplay even extra exciting and difficult. These capabilities include:

Unlimited cash: This allows gamers to purchase items and improvements which could help them progress through the game extra without problems.

Unlocked tiers: This permits gamers to get admission to all of the game’s stages from the beginning, letting them leap immediately into the motion and task themselves with the hardest degrees proper away.

Additional recreation modes: The mod apk version of the sport may consist of extra game modes, including a survival mode, that offer even greater challenges and variety for players to revel in.

Enhanced images and sound: The mod apk version of the game might also encompass progressed snapshots and sound outcomes, making the game even extra immersive and engaging.

Overall, the mod apk version of the sport Hello Neighbor gives additional functions and upgrades which can make the gameplay enjoyable even greater enjoyable and tough.


In end, Hello Neighbor is a popular stealth horror sport that demanding situations players to find the secrets and techniques hidden in their neighbor’s basement.

The sport’s mod apk version includes greater functions and additions, together with limitless money and unlocked stages, that can make the sport more difficult and engaging.

Whether you’re partial to horror video games or absolutely seeking out a unique and difficult puzzle game to enjoy, Hello Neighbor mod apk is certain to provide hours of enjoyment.

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