Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

Reminders of Him

Reminders of Him is a gripping new novel that takes readers on a whirlwind journey through two lives. Its 42 chapters are written in the voice of two different characters – Kenna and Ledger – and give readers an exclusive look into their lives. The shifting form of narration between Kenna and Ledger makes it easy to understand the perspectives of both protagonists. Moreover, the book is replete with letters from Kenna to her lost lover.

Review of Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

Reminders of Him is a bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover, a writer known for her love stories. Her other novels include “Ugly Love” and “It Ends With Us.” This new release is expected to stand up to her previous works. Hoover’s writing style is engaging and will keep readers turning pages.

Reminders of Him is an intense contemporary romance novel. It tells the story of a woman named Kenna Rowan, recently released from prison. After Scotty died in the car accident, Kenna learned she was pregnant. Five years later, she returns to the town to meet her daughter, but ends up hooking up with Scotty’s best friend. While she’s trying to put her life back together, she finds herself caught up in a painful choice.

Reminders of Him is a heartbreaking novel with a happy ending. The reader will feel empathy for both Kenna and Scotty. The author combines the male and female perspectives in an effective way. This is accomplished with the use of shifting forms of narration and letters between Kenna and Ledger. This allows readers to understand both characters and what drives them.

Reminders of Him is a powerful novel about a flawed family, broken characters, and forgiveness. It explores the depths of love and family, and the lengths a mother will go for her child. Hoover’s writing is piercing and every word is designed to evoke a reaction. Although it is a difficult book to read, the author has a gift for making readers feel uplifting.

Review of Reminders of Him by Kenna Rowan

Colleen Hoover’s “Reminders of Him” is an emotional and heartbreaking story about grief, redemption, and forgiveness. The book follows Kenna Rowan, a woman recently released from prison. She struggles to deal with the rejection she feels and the forgiveness she needs to move on. The book also alternates between Kenna’s viewpoint and that of her estranged husband, Ledger. It is a compelling combination of male and female viewpoints.

The novel is told in an alternate-narrative style, with each narrator telling the story in their own unique way. We learn that Kenna has committed a terrible crime in the past, which she only reveals at the end of the novel. However, her strong character makes it possible to understand her remorse, which is demonstrated in the letters she writes to Scotty.

“Reminders of Him” is a novel about a troubled young woman trying to mend her past while trying to better herself and her daughter. The plot involves a drunk driving accident, a broken marriage, and a daughter. The story is about a young mother who tries to repair the damage in her life and gain her own freedom. While reading this novel, you will feel like you have been there with the main character, Kenna Rowan.

Reminders of Him is a book about a woman who spent five years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. After being jailed for five years, she finally finds the courage to come home and raise her daughter. Unfortunately, everyone in her daughter’s life is determined to keep her away. However, as her daughter grows older and becomes more independent, Kenna’s life changes.

The plot of Reminders of Him is heartbreaking and tragic, but the end is satisfying. In the end, Kenna finds herself forgiving herself. The story is a powerful reminder of the value of forgiveness and self-forgiveness. It is a book that should be on anyone’s “must-read” list.

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