Some people find it as difficult to gain some weight as to lose it. You can make some changes to your diet plan. The other way to make your diet plan more effective is to choose healthy lifestyle choices and get help from an expert. The best nutritionist in Multan shared that all you need is to learn what foods can help in gaining weight. Some healthy foods are also effective when it comes to adding muscles.

Let’s get into details about what foods can help in gaining weight.

Effective Diet Plan to Gain Weight

The best diet plan for weight loss can also help reduce the potential health disease risk. Let’s explore what you should eat to gain weight.


To gain some weight, you can try milk which is very effective. People who want to build muscles should also drink milk as it offers a good amount of fats, carbs, and proteins. One of the best calcium sources is milk which is also good for bone health. Drinking milk can help to get many essential minerals and vitamins.

You can also try milk smoothies that can boost your energy level and also lead to fat gain. There are other ingredients that you can use in milk smoothies, such as bananas, dates, honey, etc.


When it comes to low-carb sources, rice is one of the best sources that you should consider. It is a calorie-dense diet which means that you can get enough calories from one serving of it. People who do not feel hungry or want more food should eat rice, even a small portion. It will help to provide enough calories. You can add some of the other healthy ingredients to the rice dish that can help increase its taste and calorie amount.

These ingredients include scrambled eggs, broccoli, cheese, parmesan cheese, butter, cashews, etc. They can help with increasing the number of calories and also keep you healthy.

Red Meat

Meat is also considered a highly fat diet that can increase your weight. It builds your muscles as it contains a good amount of leucine. It is an amino acid that your body needs in promoting the synthesis of muscle protein and new muscle tissues. Red meat is also rich in dietary creatine which is known as one of the best supplements for muscle building.

You can consume it as a steak or can have it in different dishes with some other healthy ingredients.

Try Salmon and Oily Fish

Some of the healthy and effective fats are crucial when it comes to weight. Here we come with the best foods, such as salmon or other oily fish. You can try it as it also contains healthy fats and proteins that you get from red meat. So, people who do not like to eat red meat can enjoy seafood and get the same amount of health and essential nutrients.

These fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that can provide many health benefits and also reduce the risk of progression of many health diseases.

Dried Fruit

Everyone wants to keep snacks for some short breaks. When it comes to gaining weight, you should choose a healthy snack break, such as dried fruit. They are high in calories and rich in micronutrients. These dried fruits contain fiber and many essential minerals and vitamins. You can try its combos, including cheese, cuts of meat, etc. these other ingredients are rich in proteins. Greek yogurt is also beneficial and can help your body. Make sure that you get Greek yogurt from a reliable source. They contain healthy fats, essential nutrients, and proteins.

Avocados are also a good source of healthy fats and are also high in calories. You can consider them when you want to gain weight. They are high in minerals, plant compounds, and vitamins. You can add them to your main meals and enjoy the combos as you want. They are high in calories which makes this fruit on top of the best foods that can help with fat gain. You can add them in salads, grilled, baked, pickled, wrapped, sandwiches, guacamole, etc.


Potatoes are also high in fiber and also a common veggie that everyone likes to eat in different ways. You can also choose any starchy carb, including squash, legumes, beans, corn, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, etc.

They are all high in calories and also promote glycogen storage. It is very beneficial for sports and helps in physical activities.

The Bottom Line!

Intake of a weight gain diet for only a few days will not bring positive results. Make sure that you stay consistent and contribute to fewer activities where you can burn all your calories. You should also consult with an expert if you have any health condition. If you experience an upset stomach, stop eating these foods and get medical help.