This Shiply Review will provide you with an overview of what you can expect from this online transport marketplace. The website offers a variety of shipping services, and has won several business and environmental awards. However, it is worth noting that a commission of 36% is charged. As a result, you should be prepared to pay some extra money to use Shiply.

Shiply is an online transport marketplace

The Shiply transport marketplace helps you get the best price and service for your shipping needs. It connects you with delivery companies who are looking for extra work. It also helps transport companies fill their empty vehicles, which can reduce their costs and space. Using Shiply, you can get up to 75% less than standard rates for delivery.

The idea for Shiply came to entrepreneur Robert Matthams, a 25-year-old from Manchester, when he was on a delivery. He was shocked to see an empty lorry and realised that this problem faced most transport companies. The idea was born, and he launched the website in June 2008. Shipping companies can post deliveries on the Shiply website and bid for them, while buyers can post items to sell.

It offers a variety of shipping services

Shiply offers a variety of shipping services for both individuals and businesses. This online marketplace connects customers to major package shipping companies for up to 75% off standard rates. Users are required to provide basic shipment information before comparing prices. The cost of shipping large items varies depending on a number of factors. For shorter trips, the cost is approximately $1.81 per mile, while long-distance shipments are about $0.59 per mile.

Users can post their shipping requests on the Shiply website, including pick-up and drop-off locations and preferred dates for delivery. Transport companies can browse these listings and offer extra delivery work to customers. The service is up to 75% cheaper than standard delivery rates, and customers have the added benefit of reading reviews about the shipping company.

It has won a number of environmental and business awards

Shiply Review has been recognised for its contribution to the environment and business. It has received several awards in this field, including the Nectar Start-Up of the Year, the Startups Green Business of the Year, and the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. It was also shortlisted for the Observer Ethical Awards.

The online marketplace enables customers to find the best deal in shipping and also helps transport companies save money by using the full load capacity of their vehicles. This means that shipping companies can offer prices that are up to 75% lower than the industry standard. Shiply’s service also helps fill empty space on trucks, thus reducing carbon emissions.

It charges a commission of 36%

Transport bidding works in a similar manner to eBay auctions. Users post their shipments on transport bidding sites in the hope of receiving a good bid. The transport providers bid on the shipments and if the cheapest one is offered, they agree to deliver the goods. If they are selected, they pay a fee to Shiply.

It does not screen its carriers properly

This Shiply Review is not a positive review of the service. In my opinion, Shiply should do a better job of screening its carriers. After all, they are a third party bystander, and their only interest is to collect fees. While I understand that this is not their intention, I don’t feel comfortable using them until I see some evidence that they have a better system.

Fortunately, there are some positive aspects to using Shiply. The service has a vetting process for service providers and a web portal for comparing rates. The only downside is that customer service is limited to email, and there is no telephone customer support. On the other hand, the company has a strong online presence and an active Facebook page. It also has a Google business profile with substantial feedback from customers.

It is not accredited by the BBB

If you’re looking to ship a package, you can use Shiply. It’s an online shipping service that offers quotes from more than 100,000 transport companies. The company has a vetting process to make sure they can provide a quality service. The only downside is that customer support is only available via email and not by phone. However, you can find reviews of different transport companies from other customers who used Shiply. Many eBay buyers rely on this company to ship their items from eBay.

It does not have a Yelp page

If you’ve been trying to find out why your Shiply Review doesn’t appear on Yelp, you’re not alone. A new company that doesn’t have a Yelp page is trying to build trust with customers. They have used customer reviews on a neutral platform to do this. It’s a good idea because unbiased reviews are usually considered to be more credible.

For one thing, Shiply has a vetting process for its service providers, so you won’t have to deal with unreliable or underperforming transporters. You can obtain free quotes from over 100,000 transporters through their website, and then rate the experience of each. You can also read reviews by other customers to get an idea of what to expect from a transporter.

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