If you’re a Korean-American looking for dating services, MissyUSA might be a good choice. The site’s content is written in Korean, the native language of 80 million people. In addition, Korean Americans make up 0.56% of the US population, which makes them the fifth largest Asian-American subgroup. The site has similar functionality to Craigslist, with a directory section where users can post personal ads and listing their professional services.

Information behaviour

The study aimed to understand the information behaviour of MissyUSA members and identify the key characteristics of information sharing. It found that members of the virtual community engaged in social bonding and information seeking, and facilitated collaborative activities such as initiating and sharing information. They also engaged in empowering activities such as launching a New York Times advertisement campaign.

The research examined how members of the MissyUSA community used their online community to mobilize resources and take collective action. In this context, the research looked at a variety of collaborative activities, including discussions on the breaking news of the Sewol ferry disaster. To understand these collaborative activities, researchers used Burnett’s typology and analysed the information behaviour patterns of members of the community.

Non-interactive information behaviour

This paper explores how MissyUSA members used the online community to coordinate collective action and mobilize resources. Participants engaged in a series of collaborative activities and engaged in a variety of information behaviours, including commenting, initiating actions, and updating. The types of information behaviour were further described and analysed using Burnett’s typology and a number of MissyUSA-specific methods.

Information behavior is a much more complex process than most people realize. Researchers have identified the roles of sense-making and information motivation in the context of information behavior. In addition to this, qualitative research methods have been employed to validate research findings and expand the perspective of this sub-discipline.

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