Who is Sofia Mancilla?

Sofia Mancilla

Sofia Mancilla is a social media influencer, actress and model. She is from Mexico and is the daughter of a businessman. Sofia has an unnamed sister and was first discovered on the Tik-Tok platform, though she has since switched to the OnlyFans platform. Today, she has a large fan base on social media.

Sofia Mancilla is a model

Sofia Mancilla was born and raised in the United States. She received her education from the University of Sacramento. She is a mother of one. Sofia is also a member of the volleyball team at her high school. Her father is a businessman and she has one sister who is not yet known. Sofia has a huge fan base on social media.

Sofia Mancilla is an American model. She was born in Colima, Mexico and is now based in Los Angeles, California. She is five feet four inches tall and weighs about 55kg. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Her body is fit and she has a slim figure.

Sofia Mancilla enjoys travelling with her family and loves animals. She also likes to eat food and sometimes visits the spa. Her Instagram account has pictures of her family and travels. She also enjoys getting her nails painted or manicured. Her favorite colors are sanguine and blue.

She is a social media influencer

Sofia Mancilla is an American model, social media influencer, and digital content creator. She has a very large following on social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. She shares pictures of her cooking and playing with animals, and she is a big fan of beauty products. Mancilla doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and she is a fitness buff who visits the gym daily.

Sofia Mancilla was born in 1996 and is believed to be between twenty-three and twenty-six years old. The date of her birth isn’t revealed on her social media accounts, and her family isn’t particularly well known. Her father is a businessman in her hometown, and she has an unnamed sister. She started her social media career on the Tik-Tok platform, although she never intended to monetize it. She later switched to the OnlyFans platform and now has a large following on these platforms.

The Mexican-American model Sofia Mancilla has over 189k Instagram followers. She is known for her stunning pictures and videos, and has collaborated with several reputed brands. Her following continues to grow on various social networks, as she continues to develop her creative content.

She is an actress

Sofia Mancilla was born in Colima, Mexico, and now lives in Los Angeles, California. She attended a prestigious high school and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Sacramento. Although there is not much information on her parents, it is likely that she is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant.

Sofia Mancilla is not married, but she does have a son. Sofia has not revealed the name or picture of her son. Her son would turn a year old in 2022. The actor and mother has not shared any details about her son’s birth, but she has publicly thanked her sister for making a baby outfit for her son.

In addition to being an actress, Sofia Mancilla is also a popular YouTuber. She has become famous for her stunning pictures and videos. She has worked with numerous brands and advertising campaigns. Her social media accounts are popular with millions of followers.

She has a son

Sofia Mancilla is a popular internet personality, who lives in Los Angeles, United States. She is a single mother, and has a son. However, she has not revealed her son’s name or identity. She also has not revealed his father’s name or ethnicity.

Sofia Mancilla is a famous Instagram influencer, content developer, and media personality. She gained fame in recent years through her fashion and style content. She has a large Instagram following, and has been endorsed by different brands. She is a mother of a son who was born in 2016.

Sofia Mancilla’s son is a boy named Max. Her son is her first child. Sofia Mancilla keeps the details of her life private, but fans can see beautiful photographs of her son. During her free time, Sofia Mancilla likes to play with animals. She also enjoys going to the spa, and gets manicures and nail art. She also works out daily.

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