Office Coffee Machines UK

With the increase in staff’s expectations regarding the quality of their coffee, Office Coffee Machines UK are becoming increasingly important. This coffee equipment are designed to percolate hot water over ground coffee and pass the resulting coffee through filter paper or a thermos flask. The machines can either be used to make a single serving or large batches.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

Commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines are available in different price ranges. They range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Some models come with stainless steel steaming mugs, milk-frothers, and the ability to program customized coffee presets.

These machines are ideal for the office and are easy to use. They feature an ergonomic design and have a large touchscreen. Some models include milk frothers for faster texturing of milk. Others use an automatic spout for pouring milk directly into the cup. Bean-to-cup coffee machines for office use should be able to handle a high volume.

In general, bean-to-cup coffee machines tend to be larger than other coffee machines, so make sure that you measure the counter space available. If you have a counter space limitation, you can choose a smaller model. In addition, most of these machines have a built-in steam pipe so you can make milky coffees.

Filter coffee machines

If you are looking for an office coffee machine, you have many different options. There are several top-of-the-line models available, and you can even use coffee beans in some machines. While beans are a good option, they do lock users into one type of coffee. Alternatively, you can bring in pods for your workers to use. The downside of this option is that it can be more expensive for office managers to maintain.

If you’re in a tight budget, a simple filter coffee machine is perfect for your small kitchen work space. The Morphy Richards Verve is a popular choice, and is designed for kitchen worktops that are small. It brews coffee with the help of pods or ground coffee, and its design is sleek and modern. It uses a patented “showerhead” design to ensure that the coffee has an even exposure to water. This helps produce a richer and fuller flavour. The machine features a programmable timer to let you control how long you want your coffee to brew. You can also adjust the brew strength by selecting how much coffee you want to use.

Aviano Maxi

The Aviano Maxi office coffee machine is an attractive floor-standing machine that’s perfect for large offices. It makes different drinks, such as espresso and real leaf tea, and boasts a slick design. It also comes with an optional external waste kit, which lets you connect the liquid waste straight to the mains.

The coffee waste drawer can hold 60 cups of coffee and is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean and empty. It has a 1.2-liter liquids holder, and a built-in wave breaker helps prevent unwanted spills. Another handy feature is the ability to change the labels for individual drinks and adapt the coffee to the needs of your customers.

Barista Express

The Barista Express office coffee machine offers many benefits for office use. It has a 15-bar pump, a thermocoil heating system, a bean hopper, and detachable burrs. It also includes a water filter holder. The holder uses low water pressure to expand grinds for an even extraction. The Barista Express can also be used to make tea, hot chocolate, and Americanos.

The Barista Express is easy to clean and comes with a 1-year warranty. It features removable parts and an automatic cleaning mode. It is also quite compact, measuring about 15 inches tall and 12.6 inches wide. This model can be easily stored underneath a desk or cabinet, reducing the need for counter space.


If you are looking for an office coffee maker that has an ergonomic design, consider buying a Bosch office coffee machine. These coffee makers have numerous features that will make brewing coffee a pleasurable experience. They feature a variety of customisation options, such as the ability to save up to eight unique coffee recipes. You can also adjust the temperature and espresso-to-milk ratio, allowing you to create the perfect cup of coffee every time. In addition, the machine features a non-wearing ceramic grinder that brings out the true flavour of coffee beans. Lastly, the heating element ensures that the coffee is kept between 90 and 95 degrees C, resulting in a flavoursome and robust espresso.

Using the Bosch Home Connect App, you can access the user manual, product manual, and repair technician from any device. You can even use the app as a remote control to access diagnostic information on your appliances from anywhere. The app allows you to remotely access support and receive instant service from a Bosch certified technician. In addition, the Bosch Home Connect App can connect several smart appliances together, allowing you to control and customize them in a way that is best suited to your business’ needs.

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