Smitesource Guide


The first version of Smitesource was released in 2015 and it has since become a rage among gamers. Since then, there have been many changes made to the game, such as the god and maps. If you’re looking for a free, open source game mod, Smitesource is worth checking out.

Unofficial site

The Smitesource Unofficial site offers information and advice for the game Smite. It features a large database of helpful information, new content, and a community section where you can discuss any Smite-related topic with other players. It also offers live streams of professional players from around the world. It also has a chat room and a forum where you can post questions and get answers to your questions.

The game Smite is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that pits the gods against each other in thrilling battles. In order to make the most of the game’s dynamic gameplay, it’s important to use a third-party streaming service to get a better matchmaking experience. This will also give you more options for playing. Another way to get more from Smite is to download and install mods from the Steam Workshop.

Game type

Smitesource is an online game where players take control of powerful Gods and use their powers to defeat other players. The game features a variety of different gods, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. It also has two modes of play: attack and defend. A good Smitesource guide will help you get the most out of your character.

The first step in the Smitesource game is to choose a god. Players must hunt down statues of the gods they want to fight and complete the god-given quests. Afterwards, they can talk to the gods and choose which side to fight.

Number of players

Smitesource is an online game where you play the role of a super-powered being called a Smite. You can control elements such as fire and lava and even become invisible. Each Smite character has special abilities, and you can choose to be good or evil. Some Smites fight to protect others, while others do so for selfish reasons. In any case, the goal is to defeat your enemies.

SmiteSource is an online game where you can find tips on how to play the game and meet other players. It has the latest updates on game changes, character builds, and a community section where you can ask other players for advice. The forum is also filled with helpful tips and tricks for the game.

Gods in game

SmiteSource is an important resource for every player because it tells you where to find the Gods and enemies. Each god has different abilities and characteristics, and some will become stronger or weaker over time. It is helpful to use the Gods guide to help you build the best god for your play style. It will also give you information on the best use of items.

Smite source features multiple player modes. In the multiplayer mode, you control a character that has unique powers. You can move around the map and control its movement by pressing the keyboard keys. Each round in the game gives you experience and gives you different abilities, and you can promote your god to the next level by using the experience points that it gives you. As you level up, you can also get better gear and abilities. You can also compete against other players or AI opponents on progressively higher difficulty settings.


The Smitesource community is a great place to learn more about the video game and to interact with other players. It offers a massive database full of helpful information and live streaming with professional players. The site also has forums where players can discuss the latest updates. They can also share build designs and chat with other players.

In addition to a community forum, SmiteSource also has a search feature for the game. This allows you to find the best builds for a particular character. There are also a number of articles and forum threads with tips and advice for playing Smite.


The main purpose of Stats for Smitesource is to provide a comprehensive resource for Smite players. The site compiles and presents data on different aspects of the game, including its stats, builds, and god concepts. It also provides a forum page where users can interact with each other.

The Smite game offers players a large range of playable characters. There are melee and ranged attack characters, as well as support characters. All of these classes are unique and have a story to tell. In addition, Smite also offers a community-submitted database for the game’s statistics and god-related data.

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