How to Post a Deal on Rgundeals


Rgundeals is a community dedicated to firearm sales. It has strict rules regarding how to post deals. Some members have been banned from posting deals. Here are some tips for posting your own deal: Follow the format required for posting on the r/gundeals community. You should have the product name, category, and price listed in your post. Also, make sure to mention whether shipping and tax are included.

rgundeals is a community dedicated to the collection and sharing of firearm related sales

The ban on r/guns was issued within an hour of the announcement. While this community is dedicated to the collection and sharing of firearm related goods, some of its subreddits are a danger to the community. While r/politics is a propaganda ridden cesspool filled with dumb and toxic people, r/gundeals is a safe and lawful place to buy and sell firearms.

The community /r/GunDeals is a great place to find great deals on firearms, but be sure to follow the rules and guidelines. First, you can only post firearm deals that are at a significant discount and are difficult to find elsewhere. Secondly, you can only post firearm sales if the seller is an FFL holder. Thirdly, firearm transactions should follow applicable laws and be conducted directly between you and the seller.

It has standards for its deals

Before you start posting your deals on r/gundeals, there are some basic rules you need to know. For example, posts must include a flair at the start of the deal so that you know what category the product belongs to. You should also mention the price and whether it includes tax and shipping.

It has restrictions on posting

Rgundeals is a subreddit where you can find deals on firearms and accessories. However, there are restrictions on what you can post. In particular, you can’t sell or buy tobacco products or games rated M or above. However, you can post links to legal stores that sell legal firearms and games. So why is the subreddit banned?

First, you must be an account owner of the website. This is to ensure the safety of the community. It is also possible to use a third-party service to post your products and services, but it is not recommended. It can lead to your account being banned.

It has been banned

Recently, Rgundeals was banned by Reddit without notice. While r/gundeals is not a marketplace for firearms, it does involve some of the same issues as other Reddit communities. It also violated the site’s TOS, which is why it was banned.

This ban aims to curb the proliferation of gun-related content on the site. Reddit has more than 542 million monthly users, but it has banned various subreddits that are related to the shooting hobby. While some of these subreddits are not illegal, others are.

In fact, the Reddit admins did not care about the content posted on their site. They only took action against users who might bring bad light to the site. They also said they do not take responsibility for the content of other subreddits. Therefore, they should stay away from such subreddits.

It has a reputation for being a place to save money on guns

Rgundeals is a subreddit on Reddit with a reputation for being a good place to save money on guns. Its main focus is on firearms and is one of the largest boards of this type. Its users post deals all day and subscribers can view them. However, it can be a little confusing to navigate.

You can save a lot of money on ammo, too. This subreddit boasts over 300,000 subscribers. Whether you’re looking for a hunting rifle or a.22LR or a semiautomatic rifle, Rgundeals is a good place to buy ammo and save money. Just make sure to calculate the total cost before you buy.

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