There are some truly Ugly cartoon characters in the world. Here are a few of the most notable ones: Olive Oyl, Squidward Tentacles, and Ren & Stimpy. These characters have endured over the years. Which ones do you think are the most unappealing? Read on to find out! You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about these characters and more!

Dr. Brain Two

If you want to give your kid a gift that he will love, consider giving them a Dr. Brain Two figure. These adorable cartoon characters have an interesting history, including one that inspired the series. The main characters are all nerdy and have funky anecdotes. The characters also have a few funny qualities, such as oversized grey eyes and odd stances. These characteristics make Dr. Brain Two an unappealing character, but he is also a lot of fun!

This cartoon character has big, bulging eyes and a southern accent. The biggest characteristic of Dr. Brain Two is that he wears various bad hats, but his biggest trait is his ugly appearance. In addition, his character is naive and angry. This cartoon character is probably the best fit for the title of “Ugly Cartoons.” It was produced by Fleischer Studios, which produces some of the most disliked cartoons.

Ren & Stimpy

The two main characters in Ren & Stimpy are very different from each other. Ren has a small, round body, and his nose and tongue hang out. Stimpy, on the other hand, is considerably bigger with a bulbous nose, flat feet, and big, sad eyes. In terms of appearance, Stimpy is the most unattractive of the two, but he is nonetheless a great character.

While the Ren & Stimpy show is very funny, it does contain some perverse elements. While Stimpy is a good-natured and emotionally vulnerable character, Ren is slow-witted and dim-minded. Other cartoon characters with ugly features are Hebert the Pervert, an elderly man with a big, baby-blue bathrobe. Both of these characters are extremely goofy.

Hebert the Pervert

Hebert the Pervert is an ugly cartoon and a recurring character on the American television series “South Park.” He was created by Walt Disney in the early 2000s. Originally, Herbert was a small boy from Cortland, New York. He moved to the suburbs with his dog Jesse and soon fell in love with a boy named Chris Griffin. Unlike his father, Herbert’s sexuality was kept a secret from everyone else. In fact, the aforementioned children and their parents were so oblivious to Herbert’s pedophilia that they trusted him with their kids. The only people who knew he was a pedophile were the children he babysat.

As a kid, Herbert is a pervert who spies on his neighbors, and he has an admiration for Chris. As an adult, Herbert is an ugly pervert who molests children and chases young boys. He was once a World War II veteran and now a badass grandpa. Hebert the Pervert is also an ugly cartoon character who is a pedophile and gay.

Olive Oyl

If you’ve ever watched an Olive Oyl cartoon, then you’ve probably wondered if she is actually an ugly character. Olive Oyl is a cartoon character with large eyes and long hair. She’s also a little pretentious, and is constantly irritated. Despite her physical appearance, Olive Oyl is a good-hearted character. The characters in Olive Oyl cartoons are generally created by Fleischer Studios, the studio that created Wile E. Coyote and other cartoons.

In fact, Mr. Crocker, the most popular and iconic of all ugly cartoon characters, is actually the most adorable fairy ever created. Though he is often referred to as an ugly character, he actually spreads love. Similarly, Olive Oyl is a slob with spiky grey hair. Though his personality isn’t terribly lovable, he’s actually a good cartoon character.

Mr. Crocker

Some people say Mr. Crocker is one of the most ugly cartoon characters ever created. He is slow-witted, emotionless, and lives in an imaginary world. His eyes are huge and he is a horrible cook. Olive Oyl is another character with an unflattering appearance. She has a large grey eye, and her hair is oddly shaped. She is also selfish and irritable.

Although Mr. Crocker is an ugly cartoon character, he is not completely without charm. His dilated eyes are the hallmark of his ugly nature. His patched robe and eye lashes are also distinctive features. He can’t catch an angel, so he deliberately scatters his students across the world. Olive Oyl is another one of the most ugly cartoon characters, but she is cute and funny.


In the 2010 animated film Tangled, the main villain is an ugly, old woman named Mother Gothel. She has a strange patchwork pattern on her body, an obvious bowed midriff, and rotten teeth. She also looks unhealthy and superficial. As such, she is a popular target for ridicule. And since she uses a magical golden flower to manipulate people, she is considered one of the most ugly cartoon characters.

As a main antagonist of the Smurfs, Gargamel has an especially unpleasant look. His nose is long and pointy, and his hairline recedes. In addition to his ugly appearance, he is an unscrupulous psychopath who works with other evil forces. He is an archenemy of the Smurfs, and is thus dubbed as one of the ugly cartoon characters.