7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Businesses

artificial intelligence

The future is artificial intelligence; it’s a bumpy ride, but it’s here to stay. Despite many of its wonders, it still struggles to pave its way into the business world. As technology evolves, the world will experience a boom in the application of artificial intelligence solutions. AI can perform basic to mammoth operations, from writing a blog to robotizing crucial tasks like robotic process automation. 

Small and big businesses use AI to transform management and warrant smart decision-making. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the smartness of a machine to perform human-like tasks. It happens by adapting to new and few inputs while learning from experience. AI works on iterative processing, smart algorithms, and intelligent process automation principles. It highlights actionable insights using massive data to outperform humans and automate tedious manual tasks. 

The correlation between business and AI

Businesses can immensely benefit from the advancement in information technology. AI-powered businesses can

  • Automate customer interactions and bring efficiency to CRM 
  • Enhance the productivity of the workforce by automating manual operations
  • Improve real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Gain competitive advantage 

Let’s find out how AI solutions power businesses to improve their functions and enhance efficiency. 

Virtual Assistance

The concept of a virtual assistant is not an old one. Chatbots and intelligent systems take care of customer relationship management (CRM). Virtual assistants are critical to the success of a business. Chatbots respond to customer queries quickly, increasing conversion rate and reducing bounce rate. 

Virtual assistance means eliminating human intervention, which involves time lags and man-made errors. Intelligent application of AI solutions to a business increases brand equity, momentum, and positioning.  


With the growing inclination toward automation of routine tasks and processes, AI has swept the manual functions. With the industry robotized, automation could help manage the economy. Automating repetitive tasks saves time and budget by a large margin while adding productivity gains. A significant workforce will be free to do better and more skillful jobs. 

AI-powered cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been a major pain point for businesses. Artificial intelligence could be deployed to 

  • Perform vulnerability checks, 
  • Detect phishing and malicious activities
  • Conduct behavioral analysis

Cybersecurity is not limited to the financial sector only. The risks of running into cyberattacks skyrocket across all industries, including the retail, automotive, and telecom sectors. 

Machine learning

ML is essentially training a machine to operate like humans through a series of algorithms and data. ML uses data modeling and processing to swift through volumes of information. It captures meaningful insights regarding a business’s functionality, production, and mechanism.  

Machine learning helps with

  • Analyzing volumes of data 
  • Identifying trends, patterns, and anomalies
  • Identifying potential problems and taking preemptive measures beforehand 

Product recommendations for consumers 

Innovating Artificial intelligence is prevalent in product recommendation mechanisms. Based on the search history and customer buying behavior, AI suggests relevant products and services. AI solutions assist businesses by conducting data analysis and making recommendations. 

AI facilitates and encourages buying decisions and helps them meet their needs and desires. The product recommendations 

  • Improve customer experience
  • Boost revenues 
  • Retain a first-time buyer 

The recommendation engines are nowadays so smart. For example, if you watch a movie of a specific genre on Netflix, it starts recommending the same genre movies in the future. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king. Effective content sells like hotcakes. Content marketing attracts, engages, and retains customers through entertaining content. It could be in blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, etc. 

Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to analyze the ongoing trends, what’s in and what’s out. It helps you create engaging, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content. 

Identify keywords and market your content based on what customers seek the most online and on which platform.

AI-powered competitive Intelligence  

Most leading companies use competitive intelligence to outdo their competitors. Harvesting success on your competitor’s weaknesses and failures is an excellent growth strategy. 

Using AI, businesses can

  • Stay informed of the competitor’s moves and see what are they doing differently 
  • Spy and track their latest products and services and the feedback they receive
  • Expose their failures and threats and use them to your advantage 

Examples of most successful businesses that use AI

  1. Amazon recommendations are pretty popular. Based on your Amazon advertising and digital footprint, likes, and browsing history, Amazon suggests new products.  
  2. The most famous online conversation agent is Siri. Alexa is another popular name for chatbots that attend to our online queries. 
  3. Google has an advanced artificial intelligence system that takes care of cybersecurity. Google mail monitors and tracks millions of unauthorized logins every day. 
  4. Our Hotmail, Gmail, or Outlook accounts move hundreds of junk or malicious emails to get rid of spam and fraudulent activities. 

Artificial intelligence is for every company aiming for operational excellence. The scope is not limited to only global tech giants or fortune 500 companies. It has the potential to transform your business with unprecedented growth. Whether it is the economic landscape or a startup, AI can dramatically alter the course with a few smart moves.

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