How to Create A Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist: Music is the food of the soul, they say, and there are so many digital platforms offering a variety of this food. Spotify, being one of the most glittering music streaming networks, has got another level of significance in that regard.

It offers a wide range of content, such as videos, podcasts, and soundtracks. Herein, you can create playlists and get followers and likes as you do on any other forum of this sort.

But here is something different for Spotify. It allows you to create your playlist to get youtube likes you may have on YouTube. In case you were also wondering how to add your Youtube favourites to a Spotify playlist, here is the guide:

A Simple Guide to Synchronize Your Youtube Likes to Your Spotify Playlist

If you are looking for a way to convert your YouTube likes into a Spotify playlist, all you need is IFTTT. One thing to remember is that IFTTT is not an app; it is simply a network. So installation of anything will not be needed here. It simply helps you to synchronize your youtube likes to Spotify so you may convert them to your playlist.

Not only can you create a Spotify playlist from your YouTube likes, but you can also continuously update this playlist as you like more channels of your own choice on YouTube.

Step 1

Check if you have an active account on IFTTT to date. To avail of its services, you first need an account. If you do not already have an account, create one. To sign up for a basic account, go to the homepage of their website and click Sign Up. An interface will open where you can easily enter your credential to create an account.

Step 2

Once your account is created, the game hets easy. Now, the only thing IFTTT will need id to fulfil your desire to create your Spotify play is synchronization between the two. It will ask if you want Spotify to look for the song you like on YouTube. Toggle this option to turn it on. Now every time you like a song on YouTube, Spotify automatically searches for that song.

Step 3

To synchronize your YouTube likes to Spotify and to create and update your playlist on a regular basis, IFTTT will ask permission. Press OK to proceed. A connection is thus created between the two now.

Step 4

Now you will get a notification if you want to grant IFTTT permission to access your Youtube so that your likes may be used to create your Spotify playlist. Now, click Allow to grant access to your YouTube account.

Step 5

Allow the request. Your Spotify account will now be connected to IFTTT. Click OK to proceed.

Now go to your YouTube and start liking the songs. You will automatically be able to add music you like on YouTube to your Spotify playlist when you do so. You may have to wait a few moments before it happens. YouTube Likes will be the name of the playlist.

If you open this playlist, you will find all the songs you might have liked on youtube. Not all songs you like on YouTube are added to your Spotify playlist. If you like the song that is not available on Spotify, it will not be a part of the playlist.

You can also transfer a complete [laylst from YouTube to Spotify. For that, select YouTube as the source and Spotify as the destination of the source.

Select the playlist you wish to transfer and press the transfer button. Confirm the action after the list is transferred. Press OK. This method is beneficial but not when it comes to adding likes continuously to Spotify. That purpose can only be served by the former method mentioned above. It will help you create a Spotify list from YouTube likes along with a way to update it continuously.

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