How to watch the Redo of Healer Uncut in High Quality?

Redo of Healer

Redo of the Healer (also known as ‘Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi’ or “Kaiyari”) tells the narrative of an oppressed and exploited healing magician who travels back in time to redo his life and seek retribution on those who have wronged him.

Most adventurers and those who have benefited from his services avoid him because he’s a healer. He is a healer who realizes that his gift of healing makes it impossible for him to battle alone, and this causes him pain.

His life of oppression finally leads him to discover that healing magic is possibly the most potent form of magic.

He decides to exact vengeance on those who mistreated and humiliated him by utilizing the full extent of his power set. Keyaru returns four years and swears to remedy the wrongs he sees.

Rui Tsukiyo, the author of a fantasy light novel series with a theme of vengeance, inspired this film. We should expect a lot of controversy in this dark fantasy series.

How can fans worldwide watch the anime series that has already garnered a lot of talk on social media? As a result, we’ve produced a comprehensive list of all the information you require.

‘Redo of the Healer’ can be found where on the internet?

In other words, where can you go to see Healer’s Redo? Anime fans in the United States can now watch this series on HIDIVE. It’s a subscription-based anime streaming service with a broad selection of well-known shows.

HIDIVE charges $4.99 per month for a monthly subscription and $47.99 per year for an annual subscription. The redo of Healer episodes is now available to VRV subscribers. The Redo of Healer is streaming on ANIPLUS in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Even though Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime do not carry this anime, it is still intriguing.

Does Redo of Healer have a Netflix version?

According to Netflix’s official website, Redo of Healer is not allowed to stream because of its contentious depictions. However unlikely it seems, fans have begun a petition to bring the anime on Netflix.

Is Redo Of Healer being streamed on Amazon Prime Video?

The second most popular place to watch streaming shows is Amazon Prime Video. Although Redo of Healer isn’t listed on Prime Video or Netflix’s websites, it’s still available on iTunes.

As soon as the first episode aired, Animoon canceled the series in Germany, and many other countries followed suit. Thus the series won’t be available on the Prime Video website anymore.

Do Funimation and Crunchyroll carry Uncensored Redo of Healer?

As far as I know, neither Crunchyroll nor Funimation offer the first season of Redo Of Healer for streaming.

Even before the first season aired, there was a lot of discussion about who would license the anime, and Funimation was the first to be dropped.

Though they have yet to announce, we may expect Crunchyroll to follow suit, given that the same company owns them as Funimation.

Do you think the second season of Healers will ever come back?

Even though the anime’s first season was a success, there aren’t high hopes for the second!

In contrast to those in other nations, some American fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s second season announcement.

As soon as we hear from the show’s official producers and creators, we’ll post any new information we find on the anime’s second season here. Afterward, check out our post on where to watch Jujutsu Kaisen if you’re still curious about the latest anime news and developments.

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